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  1. Last night I put an hour or so into this and the best I got was 32. This morning I put about an hour into it again and was able to get 41, 31, 42 and finally the trophy. I was so happy I didn't even remember to look to see how may I got. Now I need to get it on 3 more profiles. I hope to get 2 of them out of the way tonight. GuapoPangit
  2. Start to 100% in 17 Days, 13 Hours, 48 Minutes, 1 Second. All done, now this game can collect dust on the shelf. GuapoPangit
  3. I'm working on my AvP platinum right now. I just got the Marine Nightmare campaign done and started with the Alien Nightmare campaign. GuapoPangit
  4. Ok, now a follow up question. If I have a PS3 with old firmware 2.20, and I change the harddrive, then update to 3.56, will I be back at 2.20 if I put the old harddrive back in the PS3, or is the firmware somewhere else in the PS3? GuapoPangit
  5. What does the leveling up do for us though? That being asked I do like the trophies. GuapoPangit
  6. Play it and earn it. It would be a waste of money to just buy it, or rent it to leave it on for the trophies to just pop up, without getting any enjoyment of playing the game. GuapoPangit
  7. LOL this question, or different varriations of this question must have been asked 4 times in the last week. GuapoPangit
  8. I just picked up the wires, and the little memory card door from my buddy this morning. It looks like I now have 3 PS3s in the house. GuapoPangit
  9. It is a 4 year old system that I'm buying it from a friend. GuapoPangit
  10. I just found how to do it. Two years on PSN, and I had never known how to do that before. GuapoPangit
  11. Does that mean I can set mine to yellow manually? I have a friend that is playing Black Ops right now, and it shows him yellow. He must be playing, because it keeps showing him going to the main menu, then into Team Deathmatches. GuapoPangit
  12. Just to the left of the players name on your friends list is a little circle either blue, red, or yellow. If it is a solid blue I know it means they are online, if it is a red with an x in it I know it means they are not online. What does it mean when it is yellow with what looks like the minute, and hour hands of a watch in it? GuapoPangit
  13. Hmmm, I think this could actually get me to subscribe to PS+. I have 3 games that are not Platinumed, and I worry about losing my saves for those three games. GuapoPangit
  14. Call of Duty World at War. I have it platinumed on 1 profile, and I think 95% on this profile, but is still play it online sometimes.
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