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  1. Can you get trophies when playing in multiplayer with your friends? You couldn't in FS2021 so I was wondering if you can in this one.
  2. PSN: SirWillyBear Looking to boost most online trophies. Timezone: GMT+1 *edit* No longer needed. Love this community :)!
  3. This has been my go to website since the PS3 era. I've always preferred this site over all other guide sites (except maybe gamefaqs, but that's my go to website for walkthroughs) and I gotta say, this new layout looks amazing.
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Ritual Bowl: (New Shaw) - Use 5 perks - Place top 8 in squads
  7. After the credits rolled I got another cutscene, there the "A New Journey" trophy popped for me.
  8. How much money do you need for the NG+? I have around 5 million left, fused around 90% of the persona's, level 90 and I'm on 9th of December. Will I have enough for NG+? Spreadsheet is amazing. I f*cked up with rank 8 Tower because I forgot to bring a Tower persona but I fixed it on the free days in December.
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. So after trying Septomor's script a while whilst changing the latency I kept jumping around 100 in a row before failing over and over. I decided to try QueueTip's script but that failed after a while as well. Until I decided to put it full screen, then it worked first time, got over 1000 jumps first try. So thanks a lot to Septomor and QueueTip. I can now start enjoying my favourite FF game .
  11. I'm trying to capture a "Bicorn" in Kamoshida's Palace but I keep insta killing him with Ryuji's zio skill (I'm playing on normal difficulty), any idea how I can capture him?
  12. Are there difficulty related trophies? I started on Normal because this is my first Persona game. Loving it so far and the battles aren't that difficult.
  13. Looking for someone to help me with the "One of the Gang" trophy. PSN : SirWillyBear [Edit] Got it
  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. 15.05 after using your video, thank god this trophy is out of the way! Thank you for posting your video, helped a lot!
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