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  1. i found this glitch (chp 14) better, easier and faster to do than chapter 1 you get 2 nodes and 10.000$ every 2 minutes and it's ideal to upgrade the 4 weapons. I did this in the easy playthrough.
  2. i used it!!! it works...just make some calculations on how many you need or you'll finish to collecting more than you need, like i did (20 more)
  3. i used the plasma cutter all upgraded. just move left/right when he swing his arms and then fire each yellow blobs. I shoted the 1st, the the 2nd till the 5th and then started again from the 1st. That's because when you are upside down it's difficult to shot more than one on the same blobs...so just one hit and they exploded. Shooting on the chests blobs is pure cake.
  4. These videos helped me a lot! thanks 4 share
  5. it's a 9, but it's a cool game! the game is really hard thanks to SEGA. the story is a easy compared to the challenges, where i died a lot and spent a lot of times (7h story - 25h challanges) On youtube there are videos on how to master the challenges...they helped me a lot
  6. it tooks me 43 hours without the dlc.
  7. i need "Friendship Rules" psn: system_exception online most of the times now
  8. why i get the error..."no kai console settings where found"? I followed the guide, but nothing update1: i tried the latest version (XLinkKai-7.4.28-win32.exe) it detects my console, but i have always "not reachable" suggestions? update2: i did it! I opened more ports on the router. who have problems can check this http://portforward.com/ or contact me I only wait someone that can help me get this trophy so i can help others too with mine 2nd ps3
  9. Since COD MW2 is a sequel of COD4, do i need to play COD4 or the stories are completely different and in COD MW2 there are no references to the COD4 story?
  10. hey please, write in BOLD or bigger that you don't have to install the Biochip at Hengsha, otherwise the 3rd boss battle is a real pain. Thanks to the turrent workaround it saves me a lot of bad times.
  11. The 2 ding trophies can be obtained only playing the "general knoxx dlc" or even playing the other stories? I mean, if i'm already at level 55 and i start to play it, i immediatly get one the the two trophies or since i reached that level playing other missions/dlc i'm screwed?
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