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    Running, video games, learning new languages, and traveling. And I really love foxes!

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    I play for fun, I do not play for trophies... Ok maybe I play for trophies a little.

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. I was getting mentally tired at the end of green level so thank you soo much!!
  3. Ok, if I need to change or edit my list let me know. But I got Planet RIX for vita for 0.99 USD and I’ll change title to US only
  4. This was really really good but I think they patched the continue option for the “pink slime thing” to respawn. I tried it and followed directions and it didn’t respawn. Looked up video on YouTube and they did same thing as you (minus they did go to main menu then clicked continue) and tried that and the thing won’t respawn. I’ll have to see if they added a patch within the past two years.
  5. -Energy Cycle -Energy Balance -Energy Cycle Edge -Energy Invasion -One Eyed Kutkh -My Aunt is a witch -Swordbreaker -Norman’s Great Illusion -Need a packet? -Awesome Pea 2 -Explosive Jake -Active Neurons - Puzzle Game -Breeders Homegrown -Bucket Knight -Vasils -A Winters Daydream -Pantsu Hunter -Tower of Beatrice -Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns -Awesome Pea -Drowning -Planet RIX-13 -Sigi: A Fart for Melusina -Deep Ones -North -Save the ninja Clan -NeverEnd -Alteric
  6. The company “Sometimes you” has a sale on the vita store for a lot of easy plats for 0.99 USD. They had to permanently change their prices for the vita store to do this but I guess according to their post on Twitter, this is for a short time so take advantage of this! I have a photo of all of the titles but I can’t seem to link it
  7. Thank you for the heads up on auto play Slamma!
  8. Thanks Slamma! I’ll look when I get home too and edit my post if I can find any free dlcs or themes that may not be on that google docs link!
  9. Thought this would help before vita store closes down I didn’t make this but I had to share the valuable info. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hxh1qeMpAoBeQWNFY3EDR87KRxGXARZj5u8rFGbSr08/mobilebasic?fbclid=IwAR2dz4zgv9twl27m0LJpIyX0LPxSSnImDMfenuDe022E-T8P4-tSqjhV9Vg
  10. Looking for partner to play it takes two with me for trophies and plat. My partner can’t get game I have mic and eastern time zone. tacoqueenftw edit: did it with oswald
  11. Thanks for the written text Blaze. I prefer this over YouTube every time. I appreciate it and miss seeing you on Psn.
  12. I see that. Only host or local spilt screen. Thanks!
  13. Hello! I hope someone can help. I’m playing divinity (1) with another trophy hunter. I’m not getting the trophies, only he is. He is the host. When I logged onto my single player game and did the sequences to get the trophies, I got them. I’ll play with him regardless, but is there any way non hosts can get trophies in this game?
  14. Challenges on bananas difficulty please. Eastern time zone Tacoqueenftw
  15. I agree. The 60 dog part is ruff (har har har) because the last 15 dogs or so are running so fast they are blurred, no special item takes them off and if you choose the wrong lady to give the dog to and drop that dog, you don’t know which dog it was and have to guess which dog the lady goes to again. Even if you use any special item, it doesn’t count dogs as completed towards quest and they are still the same speed when they come back.
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