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  1. Solid month IMO. I probably won't touch UFC 4 nor Planet Coaster (I already have this one on PC) but I'll be sure to give that Tiny Tina game a try. I looked at some gameplay and it looks great (and beautiful)!
  2. Surprised there was no leak for February this month. Oh well hopefully it means something good for us. Answers later today.
  3. Another enjoyable episode, even if I raised an eyebrow at the beginning during the whole surgery sequence as all the folks there looked like they were from the same family than the angry teenagers from Episode 3. They felt out of place as well to me. Loved the interactions between Boba and Fennec.
  4. I'm in! #1: Kansei: The Second Turn #2: Quick Mafs #3: Santa's Workshop #4: The Sheep P The link of my PSNP card: https://card.psnprofiles.com/1/AlexFlyRulz.png Thank you!
  5. Haha! Glad it's not only me. Yeah they feel out of place, that's right. I was disappointed when Boba hired them. This episode was a bit underwhelming however I'm really looking forward to the next ones considering how much I really enjoyed the previous ones. Saw this on Twitter yesterday and couldn't help but laugh. I can't resist posting it here too: https://twitter.com/STACEYNIGHTMARE/status/148182709477881037
  6. I started Persona 5 Strikers, thanks to the PS+ for it. It's the first Persona that I play and by the look of it I should enjoy it.
  7. Welcome back and Happy New Year!
  8. Great read as always and congrats to everyone mentioned!
  9. Just watched the first episode today and I agree, by the look of it it looks like we're going to enjoy a new high quality series. That was so good, wow! I'm already impatient for the next episodes!
  10. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and with a bit of advance Happy New Year! All the best!
  11. I've never played a Persona game before so I'd be happy to discover it. The other games look good but not my taste However I'll grab them of course in case I'd change of advice in the future.
  12. A great read as always, congrats to everyone mentioned and thanks for bringing back the awards! I missed those little guys so bady!
  13. Purchased and plat'ed the game the other day. It's now my fastest platinum trophy (2 min, 51 seconds). No regrets purchasing it considering its price.
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