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  1. I dunno man. It clearly talks about skipping things in the first post, in capital letters. It might not say you have to press start, but it tells you it's possible to skip cutscenes and dialogue. >> Anyway, curious how long this one would take? Main guide says 3-5hrs.. but how long does it take when following this guide? Deponia games are 90% off right now so got me curious
  2. I had a friend over and thought we could try playing this coop. I had it in my head that the Vita and PS4 versions shared the same trophy set.. so now I have to complete it again on PS4 as my OCD cannot let it sit there with 1 or 2 trophies. msg me: CidneH on PSN if you'd likee to play some coop
  3. I believe it's just for the newer difficulties.. May be wrong though.
  4. Only ACTUAL totally online only trophy, but Abyss and Ghost Ship are very difficult solo especially if you are playing it as soon as you reach it and probably with not the greatest weapons and parts. To do them all solo would require massive time investment in grinding levels for weapons and parts, so playing online is your best bet. Funny because when I first started playing I could not find anyone online, now whenever I feel like running GS or helping others there is always at least one of those options. As ENAYSOFT said, it can be gotten from the first enemy in the first stage. It's super simple with the stun grenade, or just shoot its arms until it staggers and stuns, then go in for the long press melee.
  5. No offence but why does it seem odd? I'm playing the game and I just confirmed it for you. From first boot of the game you have access to the first 3 RAID stages [i said 4 ein my first reply, it's 3 I was mistaken on that part), the rest are unlocked gradually thoughout completion of the campaign episodes. As for inviting, I'm not 100% on it but I believe they do need to have the stage unlocked. I was invited by someone and was hit with a message that I had not unlocked the stage yet, and could not join.
  6. Sadly not realy. Only the first couple of levels (4 i think). you will need to finish the game to get access to the full first "Chasm" 20 levels. After completing Chasm you unlock "Trench" (and Bonus stage Ghost Ship), and after that "Abyss". They are all the same stages but switch things up enemy wise and are much harder (higher level etc), they also progressively give better loot.
  7. EDIT: Found a random online and got DD fist game.. Will still be playing for a while so I'm willing to help others who need Dynamic Duo. Feel free to send me a message. PSN: CidneH
  8. Real Shame, I liked the look of this and the fact that it's on sale right now made me even more tempted.. But the fact that PsnProfiles.com lists NOBODY as having earned "Insane Survivor" and also only ONE Person has earned "Treasure Hunter" and "Live Forever". What a shame, it looks decent, but oh well. Perhaps they will patch it and make it easier later, but for not it's an avoid I guess.
  9. You can use Chapter Select to go bck and talk to him at the right time in the right chapter. You cannot save during these though so you must complete them. Items from your main playthrough carry over so you will already have Arnold in your Inv.
  10. Damn I never checked the thread because I expected a PSN message and spent the last few days Hallowing a world, so I have the Plat now. All those things sorry can't help you I have no 1.2 content.
  11. Slowly but surely got my Hallwed world to 50%, seemed to take a lot longer than when I did Corrupt world last year..
  12. I got booted the other day during my first VoG Hard raid within during I guess the last 20% of the raid. After much panicking and trying to rejoin the team many multiple times, I finally got back in and like literally 2 or 3 seconds after I spawned in, the rewards (and raid hard mode trophy) popped up on the screen. I would have been well pissed had I missed it LOL. Can't remember everything I got, but Exotic Scout Rifle MIDA Multi Tool was one, think a new speeder a shader and I guess some Ascendant energy or something. I had already got Fatebringer earlier in that raid so I was pretty happy anyway!
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