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  1. What is the TIMING to press the PS button to cancel super speed? I never mangaged to avoid it and crashed into a wall of ennemies
  2. Hi / Need a good partner (I play like sh*t ) to finish spec ops missions Thanks PSNID= SDT69
  3. Hi / Need a good partner (I play like sh*t ) to finish spec ops missions: A1 < 30s B1 + B5 C2 + C4 + C5 D1 + D4 + D5 E1 + E2 + E3 Thanks PSNID= SDT69
  4. How do you make a complete halt of the ship after hitting the 4th speedpad? The ship has no brake
  5. OK thanks. I installed patch 4/6 and now I"m in 2.30 version. And I confirm, ennemies don't shoot you
  6. I got EU digital copy. I follow your instructions : cancel the update at 4/6 But now I'm in 2.20 version. Should I install patch 4/6 to be in 2.30 version? Or is 2.20 the glitched version?
  7. Hi man,


    I saw this tread of yours > http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/italian-pack/266272-time-saver-dlc-unlocks-italian-cars.html


    And after 2 years almost I need 2 know if u bought that TIME SAVER PACK and did it HELP u REALLY then?


    'cause I'm sick of these italian Challenges and want to get these dlc mp trophies asap...

    just cna't get all golds and not unlock any italian cars instead...



  8. 10/10 => impossible for me because of training mode and master courses
  9. I beat it first try on crushing using a technique where you hang on a ledge and fire with pistol in blue resin... Thanks to MrBr1zzo for the video
  10. Got 100% after 320 hours of play in 9 months. Because of job I could only used 3 fuels a day (an few fuels giving as gift). For more fun I focused on doing every challenges. I unlocked most each regular planes and weapons just to try them.
  11. I'm looking for someone to idle for 50h trophy... I'm GMT+1 PSN: SDT69
  12. I just bought it today for 15€... A real bargain
  13. Sweet... This trophy isn't so terrific then haha...
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