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  1. i just found out. always hurts to loss some one. r.i.p
  2. also it would be nice with a full spec hdmi port to.
  3. cant wait and i understand why they split the movie(vfx back log is a thing atm)
  4. grr. thankful haly my home network down atm(where ps3 connected at). so it has not updated yet.
  5. also did anyone catch the car from army of darkness series to?
  6. did anyone catch the 90s audio easter egg or no?
  7. am the same way atm. i even got psn half off to...
  8. bought a hensise(idk if spell right or not). 65 inch uled tv. amazon sent me a 75 inch led(they manf use different panels for sizes) for a total of 400(after a credited refunded to on top of og price)
  9. the batman 5/5 the music and direction. classic old school
  10. try another port on gpu/ display . if all else fails see if you can repeat the issue on another pc.
  11. dont worry about hdr and the pc. even worst support then console. i would try a new cable and a clean driver install.
  12. only you dont like me. i get it. i dont tow the line master... and i dont bow down to are lord and Savior sony ....not big in to religion of sony... it sad to see if being total honest is the site. not being as big as it use to be. now am done. with this chat with you.
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