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  1. I will be helping with zombie trophies for the next few days, all i ask is you have a microphone and we will get all the easter eggs no problem. Message me today on psn and I should be on by 3 pm eastern time.
  2. PSN: xsouthwell Timezone : eastern Flawless Raider I will be helping people get flawless raider tonight starting at 9pm eastern. Depending on how fast it goes will decide how many runs we can do. Please message me on Psn if you would like to get a flawless run in. I will try and get as many people I can in.
  3. I will be helping anyone who needs origins trophies for the next few days. Message me on Psn Xsouthwell
  4. Ok guys im doing origins one more time tonight, send me a message and i will help you get EE. First 3 get in. psn: xsouthwell
  5. http://www.dancinghotdogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/campbell-soup-victor-cruz.jpg
  6. Everyone has an aimbot, its called a controller. I only respond because it seems like you are making excuses for dying instead of adapting. step up or get of the game
  7. I will be on all weekend helping with zombie trophies, I have them all so just tell me what you need
  8. I've had this platinum for awhile and its really funny to see hackers trying to add it to their collection. What idiots, and while number 1 is still possible there are reasons to reset the leaderboards or at least have monthly/weekly versions. Some people go out of their way to try and lock up the leaderboards or hack them all together. That ruins the experience for so many right there. I agree that this is however one of the best games that I ever played.
  9. Just remember the panic room has money bundles sometimes
  10. Wow I'm impressed, I thought there was no way to get #1 at this point. Capcom really needs to fix the leaderboards though. Welcome to the plat club though.
  11. The challenges force you to become a better Vanquish player, I recommend looking over the various videos and incorporating your strategies with them. It will give you many rage quits but its worth it.
  12. I agree, we do need more fatalities, maybe not animalities but something. The game makes you put in 24hrs per character, so more ways to kill wouldnt be unwelcomed
  13. I can't believe they haven't reset it, also too many haters keep trying to lock people out of the platinum which is so stupid.
  14. Yeah I can't understand why someone would spend money and not go through severed without the handcannon first. Anyway I bought it but haven't played it or extraction yet but the posts here (for the most part) make me feel better about it.
  15. Its a solid 8, hardcore isn't brutal but it does put you in a nervous state, causing so much tension. Gotta love it though. All in all great platinum to earn.
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