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    An Asian American warlord who discovered Pangea; he was the first human to surf in outer space.
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    North Dakotalahoma Central Junction, California
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    Warlord, with a CNA license.

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  1. Hi Eye Beams, you responded to a thread I made a couple years ago:



    I know it was quite a while ago.. I had put that game away before I got to see your post and just kinda forgot about it :p


    I just wanted to offer my gratitude. I thought I should do so personally, so that I wouldn't bump an old thread. The link you provided will surely help me when I start playing it again. :)


    Thanks again!

  2. Merry Christmas Eye Beams :xmas:

  3. Blaaaaaah...can't believe I didn't reply to this. *facepalm self* I'm sorry, things have been hectic lately. I haven't had a chance to start a new game yet, but that'll be the first thing I do next time I pick it up. :) Thank you!

  4. Hey where are ya? I miss you on PSN!

  5. Omg your tip for Tekken Tag...I love you <3!

  6. Was that in one week? I can't rent it then.


    Edit: 2/13/12: I wanted to let you know yesterday that I wanted to rebt Cabela's Fun Camp (2 hour plat!!!), but disappointed it required a PS move.

  7. How long did Clash of the Titans take you? Trophy guide says 70-100 hours!

  8. I'm fully aware about the trophies adding objects, but does completing all Puzzles/Mini-games award any more lawn items, or just a sense of accomplishment? (kinda feel silly asking this )
  9. A render was not used in this, mind you. Other than the splatter brushes, basic brushes/text were used. The two shapes look odd, but I want to see what you guys think. It would probably look better with something else (eg. swirls & flowers brushes). Frame 1 : With shapes (wait 2 seconds) Frame 2: Without shapes http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/members/eye-beams-albums-test-picture25683-kpsig.gif Thanks in advance
  10. It was a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure I flat-out killed them. SWS status is irrelevant, but it's going to happen anyway. A kill is a kill, right? =D Not sure if killing them via SWS [with a flame core equipped] counts, but you should test it on the last undead that you need to defeat.
  11. /guilty I steal it from .COM or PSNProfiles. But most of the time .COM. Both have the 240x240 res pics. Less trouble and easier than the other method.
  12. Thanks for the guide, but I feel that many of the descriptions need more work. At times I was scrambling around trying to deduce the locations based on what you wrote; a couple instances I resorted to YouTube. Overall, good job. It should be noted that if you find a wall document and die before reaching the next checkpoint, that doc will be bugged and cannot be recollected unless you quit to the XMB and reload. Or did it only happen to me...? Yeah I don't think the document Security Breach is in the game, but Chump (missing from guide)is; either the chief gives it to you or it is found with his profile. Malthus documents (the "hidden" documents) do not count towards Collector 1/2/3.
  13. ^ 8-10 hours is reasonable I think. I can vouch for Metal_Jaws. Nemesis is awarded during Act 1 after leaving the room where you saved the chief. The antagonist talks to the main character from the TV screen and it cannot be 'skipped'. All acts have hidden documents (except the apartment, of course).
  14. Yes that is a much better picture, thank you!

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