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  1. FUNNY sig (-_^)y and yes we all indeed have been there

  2. superb initiativ even when i'm a bit late on this But fk yh I play em'all like so toss me a mail if u wonna duel PSN: Unique_Evolved Mic: yes Eyetoy: yes i tend to play wt all decks true power comes from within the caster not the deck:ass: maybe we should make a ps3t.org Tournament? AND OF CAUSE I DONT RAGE-QUIT, but fortify is okay wt me (-_^)y because it does make sense sumtimes....
  3. thnx for the add Terminator, very nice indeed but for quik-runs i do prefer the 1st. link
  4. I already have Borderlands GOTY. I recommend Call of Duty: Black Ops for a good online experience.


    It's kinda hard to choose a favorite because all the Zelda's are good, but I'll go with Ocarina of Time.

  5. Here is an additional map for ppl who missed sum of the ClapsTraps or ppl who just wonna loot Red stars are red chests, white stars are white chests Borderlands Map World Happy hunting fellow gamers
  6. Yh Ghidora ! wt out a doubt, get it i was in exactly same place as u until sum days ago i recommend the GOTY edition dont let those glitches scare u away, i kick everyone who use hacked stuff as soon as i realise it and i NEVER join unknown ppl's game just for the sake of it shame since it's a great coop-game all that said i got to tell i also do have a nonactive-charater wt sum hacked stuff got them on one of my 1st. online exp. in this game.. so i kept them for show and scare
  7. Good one, shrek9 i wounder why, oh why and once again rep to Terminator for info AND... especially for taking it seriously
  8. Thnx for the info, Terminator would hate to get sum on my mission-list i cant complete btw. i'm stunned by how many ppl online is doing there hardest to ruin an gameplay in this game
  9. ABSOLUT A 10 but sadly there's alot of snakes in heaven so i will give it a 8,5/10 can wait for the sequel btw. i rated the GOTY edition (-_^)
  10. yeah i did ^^ btw. got Borderlands GOTY edition a couple of days ago and i highly recommend it.. it seem very easy to get plat in it, if that a issue before B2 gets out..

  11. Do you mean my favorite game of the series.

  12. (^_^)/ So wut of the legends in Hyrule is ur fav?

  13. could not had wrote it better:applause:I would give it 5 but bcuz of the Bullseye pain (in finding a dedicated partner) I give it 6
  14. so true i also just got the plat without boosting, i gave it 6 bcuz of the pain Swarm was a bit of a pain but only bcuz ppl wasnt on same lvl. and the bots are usual useless but as soon as i tried wt another awsum shotta we ran 2ppl strong through them all
  15. Thnx blazenarutoshippuden but sadly only semi-good vids wt sum flaws i fund and used these ones : made & uploaded by TheQueenVampire666, she's doing them all on Morbid btw.
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