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  1. Which app? I only download the one for the game I was playing (Hidden Agenda) and it gave no indicators that anything was wrong or that it wasn't playing with a PS4. I got through like one or two chapters or episodes or however the game segments itself. PS5 has an issue buying PS4 game bundles, a massive oversight for Sony. Had to jump on my PS4 to buy the Bayonetta/Vanquish bundle when that was on sale during Black Friday.
  2. I tested a PlayLink game, it worked fine. I also tested Commander Cherry which was the only camera required game and found that the old PS4 camera works fine for it, the new PS5 HD Camera does not however. Seeing as how the camera works for the game that requires it, I assume the optional feature for other PS4 games should work too.
  3. Stealing a reserve post just in case. Sorry for sitting on this info for so long, haven't been feeling well and really wanted to do more game testing before making a thread about it. Oh well. Also here's a video someone else posted with issues in one of these games: Okage Shadow King PS5 Glitches - YouTube
  4. While many games can run better on PS5, some others do in fact have issues running on PS5. Games I have tested are played off of the PS5's internal HDD. External HDD's have been reported to have issues on PS5 and plus that would add more variables for getting proper and consistent results. I will break down games in to three main categories: Unplayable, Partially Playable and Completely Playable. Unplayable games have issues that make it a generally poor experience to play. Partially Playable will be a case to case basis for some people, things like text may be distorted which while for some people might not be an issue could be for others. Completely Playable means it has hardly noticeable problems but those weren't there on the PS4. I plan to include videos and photos shortly in the future. If you have encountered games with issues, it would be super helpful to provide photos and/or video of the issues you are experiencing too. I highly suggest you play the game off your internal HDD too for best results. It's possible Sony or the developers can patch these games but I doubt that will be the case for most if any of them. Better hold on to your PS4 if you haven't got rid of it yet. Unplayable: Ape Escape 2 - Distorted textures everywhere during gameplay. Daylight - Massive screen tearing and multiple momentary game freezes. Primal - Texture issues during gameplay. Partially Playable: Manhunt - Text is messed up. Okage: Shadow King - Some distorted textures. The Warriors - Text is messed up. Completely Playable: King of Fighters 2000 - (This is for the PS2onPS4 version and not the ACA NEOGEO Archive port) Minor lines of distorted pixels stay on screen while you play. Metal Slug Anthology - Minor pixel glitches when loading a game to play, no other noticeable issues during actual gameplay. Games that may need further testing: Duke Nukem 3D Anniversary Edition - Supposedly crashes a lot, I have not experienced this. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - No issues experienced in first 20 minutes of gameplay, maybe issues further in. This was on the "bootable list" from Sony. Sword Art Online Re: Hallow Fragment - I encountered brief minor stutter during opening cutscene, not sure if more issues further in game. WWE 2K19 - Supposedly it won't recognize the DualSense Controller (PS5 Controller).
  5. Since someone else earned you a trophy on it, it wouldn't hurt to have a few people help you earn the last trophies to get plat for it either. Help other people boost trophies and I'm sure you can find people to help you back in this game.
  6. Got mine after a week, never got a fallow up email saying it was being delivered, just the initial email you get immediately saying they got the request. People on GameFAQs have reported that it took them two weeks to get the cable. Also according to people on GFAQs, you don't need the Sony branded adapter and can just buy third party ones online.
  7. Frozen Synapse Prime will have its servers deactivated in March according to dev posting on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/328600/view/2931242887629186522 Already removed from sale on Steam. No idea if you can still buy it on PS3 and Vita because the sites suck, Sony is probably in the process of destroying all the old sites. The five trophies in the two versions look like they can be done pretty quickly.
  8. Outbreak popped up a few days ago and while no one has played either version yet, Concept Destruction got three lists with people having got the 100% on each of them. Whoever said region stacks weren't possible was talking out of their butt. I think we all acknowledged that region stacks should have never been a thing in the first place but they ended up being a result of developers and Sony not giving a shit. Very little reason for anyone to believe they would start giving a shit now. Most people working at the PS branch probably don't even know what trophy stacking is.
  9. Where did you see this? Before the PS5 even launched we already had a regional stack pop up with Sackboy.
  10. I got MM Utlimate, Godfall AE and the PS4 Special Edition of Sackboy Adventures. I've only really played Sackboy.
  11. What do you mean tired? Sony threw it in the trash and so IG decided to look for another company to publish their next game so Sony wouldn't torpedo it in to the ground again and so enters Microsoft getting the first entry of Sunset Overdrive. Can we get a new entry in the Legend of Dragoon universe? I know Sony likes to neglect the 70+ IPs it has just laying dormant but I think enough people have asked over the years so a new Dragoon game would do very well.
  12. Test Your Mettle might become unobtainable from Hardline.
  13. China PSN Store is shut down temporarily, so I assume some stacks can't be obtained at the moment.
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