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  1. I am looking to boost the 530,000 BP trophy. I’ll b on evry nite around 11 or 12pm to 3am EST. I hav 319,953 BP nd I’m on Android rank. My psn is MXAce25.
  2. Finally got it nd the plat. I got the feeling 4 the egg cracking the very next day. FINALLY!!!
  3. For me, all the minigames were a pain as well, After awhile with most of the games, I got used to them. I really got lucky with the Verum Rex one but I was on for a few hours b4 i got it. Not so much with the Flan ones but still I got used 2 it that i did the highscores a few times 4 more ingedients 4 the excellent recipes nd thats where I am stuck. I got the 1st 4 egg cracking recipes, but I can't 4 the life of me get the excellent on the the last 2 egg cracking recipes on the special dishes. Its those last 2 b4 I get the trophy for excellent on all recipes. I literally feel like crying, lol.
  4. My PSN is MXAce25. I still need help with the teamwork is fun trophy. I'm on evryday from 11pm-4am EST.
  5. I just need the Handyman and online friendlies season trophy. I am on every night from 12am-3:30am EST. My psn is MXAce25. I can help any1 still needing help any with pro clubs.
  6. I need these online trophies as well. Also the 50 wins. Whoever still needs it we can boost it 2gether. I am on all nights from 11:30pm-3:30am EST. We can boost as soon as we can whenever we can boost. My PSN is MXAce25.
  7. Finally got this annoying trophy!!! Started off with like 2,366,000 credits and saved until I got to 200,000 credits. Got a few colors and abilities (including Staff of Grayson) by then. I used the offline usb trick once I got to 200,000 credits left. Then when I started from the 200,000 credits it took about 12 retries until i got the Cat Call ability!! Still I was literally about 2 cry because the ability would never come out.
  8. I'm looking for a Maduin as I got all the other mirages nd mastered most of them after getting the legendary caretaker trophy. Can any1 help me out nd explain how it works? I jus need the last 2 trophies 4 the plat: the maduin 4 all the mirages trophy nd the beating the minigame where u get the maduin 10 times. That game is really hard thats y im looking 4 sum1 2 trade me the maduin or evolve it 4 me. Plz can any1 help me out. Edit: I jus got that minigame trophy. I still cant seem 2 beat it in 10 turns at all. Now all i need is that Maduin mirage 4 the last trophy til the plat. Can sum1 plz trade it 2 me?
  9. I give the game a difficulty of 1. Easy and short!!!
  10. The game is super fast everything could be done less than an hour. I actually got all trophies in 28 minutes and 40 seconds.
  11. Looking 2 boost the splash damage trophy. Im also looking 2 boost for the level special kills, tank kills, nd the 500-1000 kills. Im on evry nite from 11pm-2:30am EST. PSN: MXAce25
  12. How r u supposed 2 get the killing 300 enemies? Im at chapter 8 nd i only hav 34 kills. I was not trying 2 avoid any enemies as i killed enemies wen i saw them. So how r u supposed 2 get say the 100 kills by chapter 6? If its not trouble, can sum1 post how many kills u shud hav in each chapter so i no how many i shud hav 2 get the trophies 2 unlock as they say in the trophy guide.
  13. I hav been playing this game nd I wanted 2 no if there is anything 2 gain from those loop statues besides the trophy. I did a few nd I havent noticed anything I get whether I mess up or finish the turns of the loop. So does any1 know about those statues?
  14. Ok thx. I guess if i end up using them, it will b easier getting 2 overall 95 nd hav more points 2 spend on evrything else.
  15. I jus started this mode. So if I put the attributes 2 get it to overall 90, it doesn't block the trophy? Also does it block anything if I also put the unlockable items on? Again I started the mode nd I don't wanna mess up on getting the MyCareer trophies.
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