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  1. Just playing for fun. If you want to play coop, then send me a friend request at Triace68
  2. I voted a 3. Days Gone is a fun game. Most of the time I played in stealth mode, which makes some encounters easier than the guns blazing approach. I look forward to the sequel !
  3. I voted a 3. The circles of slaughter and the shooting gallery took some skill but were easier since i got help from a friend. Overall, BL3 is a fun game but the online part seems too laggy and broken now to play smoothly.
  4. I voted a 3 out of 10 because of the dlc weapons. You still need a little skill to beat the 4th survivor, since you can't use infinite ammo for that part ! Overall, its a fun game !
  5. I spent over 100 hours playing the game mostly on normal. I did switch to easy for the final boss in the regular game and left it on post game. I did map every square too lol Probably if you started on easy to begin with you could do it in less time. My finally tally of time was at about 132 hours.
  6. After getting the plat, I voted a 4 just due to the post game last boss. It wasn't enough just to switch to easy, I had to grind a bit for exp and gear. Its a fun game overall and relatively easy going. It slowly ramps up the difficulty. I would recommend this game if you like dungeon crawlers.
  7. I voted 26 - 35 hours. I took my time and played without a guide until I beat the game on mastermind in one play through. You probably could get the plat in 20 hours or less if you just focus on the trophies.
  8. I voted a 3. The game is somewhat easy, but most boss fights have a gimmick. The toilet mini games can be simplified too in the options menu under mini game assist. You can just hold R1 to complete all of them for the plat. I used the assist for all the 4 star toilets. -.- Overall its a fun game!
  9. I voted 26 to 35 hours to obtain the plat. I did a blind play through on casual without cheats. For classic mode mode i used cheats, then I did a 3rd trophies clean up run after on casual again.
  10. I voted a 3 with cheats enabled, but without cheating its at least a 6. There are some missable trophies, most notably the handy man trophy in which you must repair the broken sniper rifle. -,- A fun game overall!
  11. I played mostly at max difficulty and I finished the plat in about 63 hours on my save file. I changed it to lukewarm for the final boss of the game. Probably if you speed through the game skipping the dialogue on lukewarm getting all the collectibles as you play, then you could plat the game in half the time (about 30 hours).
  12. I voted a 3. Most of the game is straight forward and easy even on the hardest difficulty, but the last boss was too much for me even at level 40 on max difficulty. Near the end I just set the difficulty to lukewarm to get the game over with lol The party set up requires some thought and strategy but nothing too tough. Overall its a fun dungeon crawler game.
  13. I didn't time skip at all, so my total play time after the plat was 118 hours and 25 mins lol. Stopping 50 raider attacks and completing 100 objectives required the most active gameplay. This part is the only real grind making you play the game or forcing you to watch or be afk with it playing in the background lol. The rest of the other trophies I just set the game up, then checked the next day to see progress. Maybe I played like 30 mins on average if I logged in. I didn't play everyday though too.
  14. I voted a 3. The game requires a little strategy, but its not difficult. I didn't use the time skip method, so it made my play time longer, but I didn't encounter any game breaking glitches. There is some grind involved with stopping 50 raider attacks and completing 100 objectives. If you are lucky and obtained a complete x2 or x3 objective pet from a lunch box, then it will reduce your grind significantly. This is the most active part of the game. Overall its a fun simulator type of game!
  15. I took my time on the plat, I played mostly on expert difficulty except the last few bosses in the bonus dungeon. My play time was about 25 hours, but if you play on normal you could probably get the plat in under 20 hours.
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