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  1. I have the same settings as you. I have finished the wolf, blue sentinels and sunlight now. I was getting called every 1 minute for wolf, every 1 to 5 minutes for blue and every 1 min for sunlight. Being low lvled you wont see any havel,orienstein and those guys along with fume(noob)sword, the hammer and those annoying weapons so it all become to skill more than combo. I won't lie to you, I didn't die once during the progress in blue wolf and sunlight xD, it's the same as bell covenant in DS2 where you protect the bell, they are newbies or noobs, I see many stupid players, some suicides too :\ If you want to enjoy online, this is how you enjoy it but I have yet to invade as a mound maker and meet the gangks, if you however want to raise the online difficulty from 2 to 9 then go on ahead, just say ho to the fume sword which will be held by 90% of the players in lv60+, you can't miss it! it's the longest sword you ever saw and it's combo is kinda unavoidable and it can instantly kill you, you will know why I call it the noob sword when you meet one of them.
  2. - Tried as a wolf, put summon, been called, got ember. - Tried as a blue, put summon, been called, got ember. It's not working, it has to be a rare occasion where the host enters the boss (which never happens) and you go there but I remember that I was called and then the host went into the boss then I was called back :\
  3. huh? are you sure bout this? is it sentinels or darkmoon because am damn sure I tested it with darkmoon helping the host beat a boss, do I have to be auto summoned or put a sign for that? Never met an aldritch faithful, what color are they?
  4. Sorry I meant no you can be dead or embraced as you like but it's better to be dead and just wait for the summon, yesterday before I go to sleep it was a summon festival that I ended this fast
  5. Took me 6 hours to rack up 30 ears so yea stay low level and wait for the call, I get called every minute or 5 minute or 10 minute I noticed that if you do make a hit on the invader or maybe join the battle you don't get rewarded so you can't be away.
  6. Weird, I have europe version and I got called twice in 10 minutes now, am sitting to the right of the 2nd boss door, do you see that? the summon sign collection .... damn
  7. I think you are over leveled to be called or have a great weapon +3 or +4, sorry it doesn't work if that is the case am lv19 with +1 sword and being called alot, sometimes it immediately fails so I restart my router and ps4, beating the boss will not prevent this as you can be called anytime at anywhere in the game, you don't have to be at any specific area for this blue sentinel only.
  8. yea and it's better so nobody tries to invade you while you wait, you can also boost this without knowing like go to sleep and put the controller away in a safe area where the emblem shines, you will be called and if they kill the invader it will be done and you get the reward so you don't really have to play. I see a large number of summon signs near 2nd boss, I ordered some and introduced them to dancer xDDDD
  9. I really don't know where is the spoiler in this game, I mean I played the old ones and they all had the same stuff on the other ones so I expected everything that appeared here :S along with final boss, I was very surprised to see the comments on my video not expecting them :\ if it was in ds1 and 2 why take them away on ds3 ? You can get everything on NG+ or ++ etc, but the NG+ is way harder than NG even when you have all weapons and armors that you need, some black phantoms and enemies will be too hard to kill unless you try 10 to 20 times just for that one item. Quests are easy but leonheart on NG+ may kick your .... so I dunno I never tried him, siris one may also be hard? no clue but on lv25 I had trouble killing that quest's npc as I wanted to test out blue sentinels then I gave up for not having online. My guide will only point out the name of the areas, spells rings and stuff needed to be done. I won't say the name of the boss in that area but so what if you know it? I won't say what quest will give you a different thing until you reach the area where the name will be said. But seeing a guide, would you like a step by step guide or should I forget it? Sorry for double post but I just want to warn you that once you gain access to a covenant you better finish it online, some will be fast farming so here are the details: - Blue sentinels/darkmoon: I will test it in a bit if it works on lv15 staying near the wall (Must be done online or suffer 10 to 20 hours of farming in NG++) also to be called you have to be around lv15! - Mound makers: I did this online so I don't know if the farming ones drop fast or not? but since you need 30 I would say to invade and have fun (lv15 to 90 is best) NG+ is a empty for all online farming! - Wolf covenant: Those are easy to farm so do it on NG++ with covetus +2, you need 30 items - Rosaria covenant: you just need 10 tongues so also farm it on NG++ - Sunlight covenant: Best place for me was behind lothric boss fog door, place your sign and enjoy that fight, it's easy in co-op don't worry, I was done in 5 hours as you need 30 medals. You must put the covenant emblem near the 4th ring you equip to get the item you want! mound maker must invade, darkmoon must be called without a sign, rosaria must invade, sunlight must put a sign (didn't try golden red sign), I never tried wolf so I dunno? I will go on and test that blue sentinels/darkmoon calling. Update on blue sentinels: Even tho the game isn't out for ps store, I see alot of summon signs but really low blue sentinel summoning, but hey I got summoned twice in 30 minute of wait but it's quite fun xD I found a mound maker invader with somehow lots of estus (4 estus uses ) I didn't use mine till he used his :S he could just kill me and it will count as he killed me. He used a cheap tactic which is force near an edge to drop players and kill them but it didn't get me, once everyone out of the way and it's a 1 vs 1 he still kept using estus so I had to use mine, we kept fighting and we both died at the same time, a draw match will give both players a reward, I got mound maker reward and the darkmoon reward so if you kill a mound maker (purple) they will give you that item too! Another update, I got summoned a 3rd time now and the invader suicided :\ Lv18 here +1 weapon 5 estus+1, it would take like 6 hours to get 24 items of this (6 is gained from NG NG+ NG++ by finding them) Am standing near the 2nd boss in the game and I get summoned into the next area undead settlement somehow, so beat the 2nd boss and stay where I am to be summoned everywhere. Big Update: Confirmed! You can have the blue sentinels emblem on and be called to whatever area that gets invaded (not by AI) so my advice is just put it on and beat the game without lvling more than 20 (yeah right who's gonna listen?) also don't upgrade your weapon xD, for me I can beat the game without lvling that much no problem and get access to all estus and upgrades along with rings >, it's fun to re-do this platinum xD, Can't believe I have 5 already. But if you want to be smart, don't take that emblem off and play normally (don't summon players or else it prevents you from being summoned, also being invaded prevents you) if you collect 10 by the time you beat the game, you just have to farm 14
  10. I only asked well since there is a guide now, I don't think you need my step by step one right?
  11. Good then, why don't you make a guide?
  12. When doing the quests, don't piss off siris by joining rosaria covenant, I mean don't join rosaria at all, finish off siris quest by doing the bridge summon quest FIRST then the greatwood summon Last alright? you will have to miss one gesture on your first walkthrough as it requires you to give rosaria a tongue to make a summon appear so do it on NG+. Everything can be re-done on NG+ but I don't think you want to beat some enemies ever again such as twin dogs area. The online is open now, am lv 51 tried blue sentinels in many areas and didn't get called, the game is still early I guess because it's hard to find a summon to help beat a boss but I do see alot of death signs :\. I want to test out the lag too since japanese version for me has 2 second lag preventing me from doing a good play, but you guys shouldn't be suffering that much right? no lag for you, I have people commenting you're bad at this ignoring the lag am having oh well, also what kind of an idiot wants you to beat up 4 players vs you alone? I would if I had infinite estus or none of them use estus then yea why not but if they can heal in lightning speed (lag) then sorry I have to hide and that is just for me and other arabs around middle east, we don't suck, it's just lag that makes us suck. The important quests are: Onion guy till irithyl of boreal valley, siris by doing bridge 1st then greatwood 2nd (must be done before joining rosaria it's an option to delay it), Leanheart connected to rosaria at anytime, Anri found on road of sacrifices 2nd bonfire (very important), I can put all the quests at their time of appearance but it will spoil you so I dunno what to do really :\
  13. Thanks for that, but I think it will be long at first then shorter later in text and video length, biggest areas are undead settlement, farron keep and cathedral of the deep very big areas which make a video worth of 40 min to 1h, you're not required to watch it all as I will put a time tag next to each collectible, location of it well you will have to rewind abit for that. I will also collect all the edited videos and put each collectible in the game in one video, so either you follow a step by step or a full one video showing just the collectibles (1min per one) There are two invaders required to beat to make a summon sign appear for a gesture, that is missable if you have beaten the boss there so yea be aware in farron keep. I'll edit soon and post 2 more videos, I didn't start the text yet or time tag, still 2 days to go right.
  14. all covenants can be farmed, each takes an hour or two except for darkmoon and sunlight, sunlight just put sign near bosses at the end, other than those, the quests are missable along with an ending, it's not harder at all in NG+ or ++
  15. Thanks for that And that's why am warning them with advices, currently am lv20 I think thanks to yoel which is a must do quest or repeat in NG+, game isn't hard just bring 1 companion on each boss and it will be a cakewalk, just shield when you are it. You get 2 ears each playthrough, I remember getting a weird item too it looked like a set of silver tongues .... I think I invaded with darkmoon covenant on or pvped against a red invader sign not sure but once online opens I'll see what they are in english. I don't even know myself if you will be called even this early in the game, once I know I will report it here and where the best places. Midnight channel watcher? how do they know that?
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