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  1. Baines20 Room Master (create a room and battle 100 times) UK Time
  2. I wish I had the Nihopalaoa! I just went straight into it at around level 83, I had the zodiac spear and that was my best weapon, I had few meteorites that inflicted disease on 3 of them and then it was elixir, zodiark final eclipse, rinse and repeat, until there's only gabranth and zagabaath, then it's just reverse and lure the tank, sleep on zagabaath while you concentrate on Gabranth and you've got it in the bag
  3. Those judges where an absolute nightmaire! Took me forever! Anyone needs any tips for trial mode or the game in general don't hesitate to ask PSN: Baines20
  4. If anyone fancies a game and try and get the zombies trophys my psn Is Baines20, been trying to play online but everyone is useless haha
  5. I've just somehow unlocked the Brain Dead trophy and have survived 55 rounds but only played 6 games! lol I was going for the arcade one and when I died into the arcade room it popped, so not quite sure on this one, not that I'm complaining!
  6. Just a simple press mate and close app then reload, that's all I did
  7. Yeah I've got that trophy and since your only a few hundred away from the trophy it's hard to offer tips, just keep what your doing and patience and you'll get it
  8. Straight back to the PS home screen mate and load the game back up
  9. Hi guys Just completed it and got the One Shot trophy, I think I'm the first person to do it, it's still 0.0% on psn and no one has done it from what I can see on Exophase, I can confirm if I died I quickly pressed the home button and quit and reloaded and it seemed to work, hope it helps everyone trying to get the plat Amazing Game! PSN: Baines20
  10. Nice one! Haha yeah they took me a while to get! Talk about frustrating, I've got the first 10 A+ and a few others but I'm not sure what else as it's still bugged so I might have to wait till its fixed
  11. How's everyone getting on with this? I just need to get all tracks with A+ rating and its platted, Noticed a few bugs with scoring, I've completed it but when I go back to try and beat my score it doesn't update, anyone else had this problem? Anyone got the plat yet? Just wondering if anyone knows any times to beat to get the A+ rating PSN:Baines20
  12. Hi guys! looking for someone to help me with the covenant items if poss, PSN: Baines20 U.K. Time
  13. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/news/shareplay_partners.png Share Play Partners Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID What you're looking to achieve Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning within this thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. Do not use this thread to antagonise members for using this feature, offer/ask for money for a trophy service or generally complain about the feature. __________________________________________________ Hi guys Looking for anyone to give me a hand on a few songs on super difficulty, doing my head in, it's the last trophy I need apart from the MP 4000 team points trophy which I'm willing to help anyone get Cheers PSN: Baines20 U.K. Time
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