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    Teenage gamer enjoying every moment of life.
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    Drawing, Writing, Signatures and Sports.

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  1. I need all coop trophies. Add xSamuraisEdge and let's get this crap over with.
  2. Saturday, 3/8/14, 9 pm GMT 1. that_vr_guy 2. sebax1223 3. darkwatcherjs 4. deliege 5. Kerrig 6. Negative_creep1 7. xSamuraisEdge 8. Backups (we'll probably need 'em): 1. 2. 3. 4. I hope you guys plan on level boosting as well as having a win on each map as each faction.
  3. I'm looking to boost the maps trophy, as well as overall rank both for factions. I can stick around and help with other trophies too, I don't mind. PSN: xSamuraisEdge
  4. Looking for someone familiar with Veteran difficulty to try 1CC. xSamuraisEdge.
  5. Add me for boosting, I need everything pretty much. Run on EST. xSamuraisEdge
  6. xSamuraisEdge, all online trophies, running on EST. I'll be on all night.
  7. No, since that is the only reason why I currently have it.
  8. Can someone please help me with the two world trophies?
  9. Meh, who doesn't disagree on certain things? And yeah I am, I'm xSamuraisEdge.

  10. Was looking on some old threads I made, and realized we did NOT get along very well back in 2011. lol.


    But it's all good now, I think you're on my PSN list too. Aren't you ninja-something-or-other?

  11. Please add me for boosting, I need levels 10-40. ID: xSamuraisEdge
  12. I'll take the game if you don't want it anymore.
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