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  1. Woah dude calm down, there's going to be a fix for it, just wait. No need to get all worked up. Games nowadays have patches in the first day to first week, so it's to be expected.
  2. [spoiler=Unique ID]I walked out of the house as well as killed myself with the gun and both trophies never popped. I did them on a "Continued" file as well as a "Start over" file. I also did everything there is to do in the forest (As far as I know, since there are literally no guides for this game anywhere) and I didn't get the trophy for that as well. And to top it off, I opened the safe and read what was inside, and once again, I never got the trophy. What's the deal? Am I doing something wrong?
  3. PSN: SeanStrange Platform: PS4 Region: Montreal Microphone: Yes, sometimes I want to sit back without it though Gaming hours: All day every day for the next 2 weeks (Took them off to play!)
  4. PSN: SeanStrange I play games from First-Person Shooters to Fighters to wacky Japanese games. I just love playing games in general. Currently playing: Wolfenstein: The New Order, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Waiting for: Destiny, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Going to be playing (Still sealed, just finishing up some other games first): Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Power to the players and BEYOND! See you on the network.
  5. Your PSN ID: SeanStrange Online trophies: 9 win streak, League win, etc Time Zone: Eastern Mic: Nope, sorry
  6. Are people still playing this online? Is it active? Or just flat out dead?
  7. Happy birthday!:)

  8. There's Mindjack. There's Ride to Hell: Retribution. Then.. There's Drakengard 3. This game.. Where do I start.. The trailer made me want it so badly, so I rushed to an EB Games to get myself a copy. Little did I know, I would be in for a surprise. After playing for 3 hours. I regret spending money on this. The framerate is so god-awful and the combat is putrid. I tried so damn hard to like the game, I really did. But these problems are holding back from what could of been an amazing, masterpiece of a game. The characters are really cool, that's what I like a lot, but everything else? Yikes. From this 60$ price-tag, I can only trade it in for 22$. That's quite the steep drop. Now, If I payed 20$ for this? I'd be fine. But SIXTY freaking dollars? No, please. Don't be like me. Watch some actual gameplay other than the gameplay in trailers, because it's misleading when it comes to the framerate in the game itself and please, sincerely listen too all of the reviews. It could change your mind about this piece of trash game. Save yourself the money and wait for this game to drop.
  9. Ah! Thanks a lot! I've been waiting for a guide and it's really well done and totally worth the wait!
  10. This is actually quite confusing. Hopefully someone can make a guide quite soon and make it easier to understand for dummies like me. lol
  11. Thanks. I just don't want to go through the game more than twice to get things I missed. I love the game a lot, but more than twice would probably be too much for me, haha.
  12. Are some events missable? This is what's holding me back sometimes. At the back of my mind I assume that some events are missable and that I missed some for some of the girls. Is it possible to view them later on? Are they even missable at all? I have no clue. Does anybody know?
  13. PSN ID: SeanStrange Looking For: Both End Portal trophies! Have to offer: A 500m Minecart track. Also, my friend helped me out with the track, so it would be nice if you can help her with the end trophies too. Message me, anyone, and I'll hook you up with a track for the trophy. Also, tell me you're from PS3T.org in the friend request please. Thanks
  14. Got the game last night. I'm up for some online trophy boosting! Feel free to add my PSN: SeanStrange
  15. Is score attack difficult? This might be the only trophy keeping me from my Platinum. I just can't fight super-hyper aggressive A.I.
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