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  1. Private Survival with 1 friend. (There can be only 1 marine there or the marine will not die and just be incapacitated.) Have your friend set up the sentry gun then go into the other room. You go beat on the sentry gun until it starts to throw sparks then hit it again 1 more time. Then go beat on the marine until he has only 1 heath bar and no armor. Next the marine needs to go stand by the sentry gun with 1 foot touching one of the sentry gun tripods feet. Hold aim for the spot where both feet are touching release and smile as your challenge is completed. This worked on my profile, my husbands profile, and a friends profile. We also used this to boost several other challenges that needed two marines when we did not have friends on ACM to boost with.
  2. I' sick to death of waiting for those useless assholes to put down the motoin trackers and unlock the fucking doors that the game won't allow me to unlock.
  3. Never mind, it was just a minor glitch. GuapoPogi (on Shorty's account)
  4. I usually play domination. I would like to have a group that has a goal in the game. I have mic and I speak english. I do teamwork. If you need trophies just let me know, me and my husband can help.
  5. The Platinum appeared on my trophy list htis morning when I looged on and started up AvP. It never popped, it just appeared. I think there is about a 10 hour difference between my last trophy, Scatter Shot, and my Platinum trophy.
  6. I got the last trophy that I need, (Scatter Shot), for the Platinum trophy but the damn Platinum trophy did not pop. I looked a couple of times to make sure that I hadn't missed any other trophy and I can say with 100% certanty that I have every trophy for AvP except the Platinum troophy. Has this ever happened to anyone here? Does anyone know how to fix it? Shorty
  7. I only need 5 trophies to Platinum this game, but 3 are the same 3 that everyone seems to need.
  8. I thought Sticks And Stones was fun and played it to get my trophy.
  9. I also used 3arc unlock and no problems with trophies.
  10. I deleted the game data then played off line to use the table glitch for the Hands Off The Merchandise trophy.
  11. I would play Black Ops. I have family that plays Black Ops on 360, and I would like to be able to play with them.
  12. We have 2 good controllers, 1 ok backup controller put together with parts from 2 controllers my husband broke, and enough parts from other controllers my husband has broken to assemble at least 1 other passable controller. All are original black. We also have 2 move controlles with the little side controllers it original black.
  13. I didn't vote because there is no option that I fit into. I will watch a cut scene the first time, but if I am given the option to skip it after that I will always try to skip it.
  14. Before Black Ops came out my husband and I had gotten bored with World At War, then 1 day a friend asked us to help him getthe Big Baller trophy, and we started boosting with him to help him get more points. We would watch the windows in whatever hut we camped in, and let him get all the kills at the front door. We ended up helping 3 or 4 people get their 100% in the next month or so after that. I always thought that was boosting, and don't see how that could possibally hurt anyone. It gave us something to do. Once we got Black Ops though that pretty much stopped.
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