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  1. Nah, I just meant any food buffs as they did not appear on nextmissions for me. Stopped playing anyways, it's too much pointless grind and repetition, plus online's pretty much dead.
  2. Supernova was just as boringly casual as on normal. Mere annoyances, no challenges. Meh.
  3. Title. The game nowhere explains how this works. All I could find out online was it must be done at a campfire, but nothing works. I just cannot find any option to cook my stuff, meat for example, neither in the menus, inventory or around any campfire. (Not to mention the campfires only last like ten seconds which, well, sucks anyways.) What buttons do I press where?! Help! (Please.) Edit: Turns out they didn't mean the campfires you build yourself, but there are apparently super rare pre-built campfires waiting around for you to find them. You can only cook there, because fire is not hot otherwise or whatever. Wouldn't have hurt to actually tell me, game.
  4. No, I don't have one. It's okay if they just use a default one or whatever it is. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Wrote a guide and submitted it, the new layout/editor is fantastic. A huge improvement to just writing a forum posting for the guide, I think. Also, uhm, I forgot to include a header image/banner to the guide. Is it required to have one and can I add it even though I already submitted the guide?
  6. Nah, turns out the description on the items is somewhat misleading. I think they seriously messed this up. If you buy the complete collection which explicitly states it contains both the main game and the add-on, you can indeed play the whole game, but the install will only be a demo, despite containing everything. Thus, it won't install the trophy list. It will pretend it is just the demo. Had to buy The Lost Robots again separately which allows you to download the non-demo version of the install, then works as the main game despite being the add-on. Not cool, but it was just 99 c in the sale, so I'll think of it as a tip for the devs. So, yeah, they totally messed this up, but I have the trophy list installed now.
  7. Uhm … could someone explain to me how I get the game to install the trophy list to begin with? I think the developers created quite a mess with this game. I remember buying some sort of unlock a while ago under the impression it was the full game, which it apparently wasn't and Sony was so kind to refund the purchase as the description was indeed misleading. Now I bought The Complete Collection and can play all four episodes, but the app itself seems to believe I am playing the demo. Why was this even approved for release in this state?
  8. I would like to add that you can use the ketchup on the darts board in the break room, too. This means you can get the Mucky Pup trophy much earlier as using the ketchup on the birdbath outside is not required. Might be helpful for those missing that as they won't have to play that much of the game to reach all the other locations. (And yes, I can confirm that you do indeed get the trophy earlier. I just got it because I used ketchup on the darts board and am not outside yet.)
  9. (Collect all Journal Clues) So nobody anywhere seems to have unlocked this, neither on PS nor XBox nor PC. XBox has some sort of tracker for the achievements and people say it always stays at 0 or 0% for this one. Devs keep silent on it, too. So to start figuring this out … what even are "Journal Clues"? Are those the clues you collect at home before going into a, well, "mission"? Or the stuff you can find during the missions? Both? Neither? The Diary? The Zodiac Facts?
  10. Thanks, but I got the trophy now. What I did: Delete any save data for the game before starting. I think this is what did the trick. To be on the save side, I also did not use checkpoint reload when the killer found me, but immediately closed the game via PSN menu. I don't know if it would matter, but when you use checkpoint reload, the game seems to run on for a moment before starting to reload, so it might be that the killer can get to you in that short timespan and kill you without you even seeing it. It‘s really not too bad, as it is easy to get through very quickly if you already know what to do where in each area. I had to restart only twice on this attempt.
  11. "Complete the entire game without being caught by the Zodiac" — Well, I did. Guess what? No trophy. Thanks. (I do assume the one time getting caught when doesn't count as that moment is scripted and I see no way to avoid it. That moment also starts the whole story, so I doubt there is another way.)
  12. You're looking at ca. 4 hours, certainly less (maybe 2 hours) if you play with a guide, but since the whole point of the game is relaxing and exploring, I suggest not doing so. Don't worry, nothing is missable. Most of the trophies are easy and will come naturally, yet a few require a bit of skill and several attempts, but nothing really hard, so 3/5. Maybe 4 as orientation can be a little difficult due to lack of an ingame map and the camera changing direction continuously. I'll stick with 3, though. Overall, the game is recommendable, very sweet, pretty and a good time, trophies were fun to unlock.
  13. Since it‘s more or less just a comic book to click through and almost every trophy is story-related/unmissable, I don't think this needs a trophy guide, but: One trophy is missable (though there's chapter select and it‘s a very early trophy, too) and that is The Conversation. Not a story spoiler, but just in case. Other than that, just play the story and you‘ll be fine.
  14. You're looking at an under one hour plat here. Pretty good, though. It's a graphic novel with minimalistic player input, so don't expect puzzles or any real challenge.
  15. It‘s kind of difficult to rate. Technically, you can save almost anytime, have multiple, manual savefiles, use guides for the few missable trophies. For Breach mode, you can use the exploit that makes 90% of the levels trivial. I do think you can make it even easier with microtransactions (praxis kits ect.), but will not include this in my rating. So it should be an easy Plat, but that would make it sound like the game is easy, too, which, well, yes and no. Then there‘s the highest difficulty mode with permadeath and savefile deletion and it‘s not easy, but you can still cheat and just copy your savefile manually from time to time, so that‘s more bothersome than hard. Still, you will need lots of resources and that means having to explore every nook and cranny. I end up giving it a 7/10 for being a bit more challenging than average. If you want to go for the 100%, keep in mind that some of the trophies in a criminal past are tough to get, so there‘s that, too.
  16. Desperately need help with that server. It's a no augs one with confusing layout and annoying enemies everywhere. Long story short, I just can‘t beat it. I found only two videos of it. One of them uses some sort of teleport cheat/bug/whatever and the other one has super strong weapons that pretty much 1-hit-kill everything and I think I really will need to do this with as little combat as possible. I know the game is old, but does anyone here know a good guide for that? Edit: A little embarrassing, but after I quit for today, I remembered there are boosters to equip. To anyone struggling, I had a +1000HP booster, a 200% gun damage booster for my type of gun (combat rifle, but I don't think it matters much as long as it is somewhat upgraded) and take 75% damage booster. With those, I dealt enough damage that I probably wouldn‘t even have needed the extra 1000HP. I could easily defeat the enemies/cameras and those that are spawned in by security, too, then explore the area in peace and find the data. I usually play super stealthily, so I didn‘t think I‘d do it by ramboing through, but I did.
  17. Hope this fits here and don't know if it was already mentioned: when looking at a game's board, there's this short preview of the first entry of each topic. That's great, but those previews ignore spoiler fields, just show the word spoiler and then write out the spoilers in plain view despite them being hidden when you look at them in the thread itself. Is there a possibility to not show the spoiler field and its content in those previews?
  18. SoPoF

    The Finale

    Well, not sure if it counts as spoilers, but just in case: Long story short, only advice I can give right now is to NOT use the healing item until the very end. Even then, it's only three hits you can take anyways, so I doubt full health will be of much help there. Loved the game up until the finale, but this is just ridiculous.
  19. I'll speak of "the" game, but it‘s really two games. They share a trophy list and a platinum trophy, though. 1/10 difficulty. You can use a guide for the correct answers if you like and there are no skills required to control the game. 100+ hours time to platinum. Maybe it's not really 100 hours, (depending on how fast you can read) but this is one of the most tediously and lengthy, unnecessarily drawn out games I have ever played. Everything takes forever. Everything is repeated over and over again. Even the easiest concepts and relations and events are being explained several times with more words than wikipedia has pages. The characters just won't shut up about anything. Ever. You will see flashback cutscenes to events that happened literally right before the flashback cutscene. Characters will speak several sentences to ask a simple question the answer to which is completely obvious, yet will require even more sentences to be stated. You will learn about a situation and immediately see the contradiction in the statements. Then waste a quarter of an hour listening (i.e. reading) to the characters waffle on about everything before the game allows you to point out what needs to be pointed out. At one point, the game spent half an hour explaining how stereoscopic images work, something anyone who is capable of reading that explanation certainly already knows. Even if someone doesn‘t, there you go: "Two slightly different images of the same scene are created by showing that scene from slightly different angles, immitating the distance between our two eyes. Looking at those 2D images, one image per eye, our brain creates the illusion of 3D depth." Doesn't even take ten seconds to read. Now comes the kicker: how stereoscopic images work has absolutely no relevance to the actual matter at hand. Yes, you will use one to find a clue, but there is no need to know how it works. And leave it to this game to the repeat parts of that explanation later in case you forgot in between two scenes. Twice. Now listen, I am a huge fan of the other Ace Attorney games and well aware that those are problems the franchise always had. (Unnecessary repetition and overexplaining.) But this is a ridiculous parody of it. At times I got so angry at the endless blabbering I put the controller down in auto mode (no button presses required) and simply refused to read. I could still answer the following questions which tells you all you need to know about how much of the text actually had content. One time I went to prepare dinner and returned twenty minutes later only to find the characters still taaaalking. You are supposed to press the witnesses on their statements to find out more, but boy will you learn to dread the L1 button. "It was late at night." Press him with L1 … "Oh, so you would say it was not early?" - "Hm, let me think … you know what? No, it was not early. It was already dark!" - "So it was late? Is that what you're trying to say?" - "Yes, I think so. It was late. Just like I was late to the train station once and missed my train. I had to wait for two hours for the next train to …" SHUT UP, GAME! So, yeah, this game has story for maybe ten to fifteen hours, but it talks about it for a hundred hours. Eventually, you will just beg for it to finally end. Then, if you are like me playing without a guide, you will see you need to replay most of it for trophies you missed.
  20. Kind of strange to return here after all this years for the very same question and find I myself already asked it back then. (Original release/definitive edition.) After having played through the final mission, I can confirm that destroying the dogs' skulls will not void the no kills requirement, so you can do so and still get the respective trophy.
  21. The whole mess about the Granny Rags vs. Slackjaw not so optional sidemission is infuriating and it really bothers me that they didn't even fix this for the so-called definitive edition. (Hint: Don't call your edition definitive if you didn't actually change anything.) How you deal with the encounter in the sewers and how the game evaluates your action don't make any sense and feel completely random. (I had knocking the old lady unconscious count both as kill and not kill by reloading a savefile from right before and trying again, same with alerted/not alerted. And why does it say I killed someone when they kill each other while I hide away? So stupid.) In addition, it doesn't even always tell you that you messed up, so you play through the game and find out the hard way. Furthermore, even when it counts what you did as alerted or killed despite neither of those actually having happened for no other reason than the devs out of the blue deciding to mess with their own game and playing against its rules, the trophy description for Ghost states "except target persons"; both characters appear in your log as target persons, how does whatever you (actually) do (not) do to them affect that trophy to begin with? Not to mention they put this encounter right at the end of what is arguably the longest and most strenuous mission of the whole game, so if you realize what went wrong at the end of the game, enjoy replaying that mission again in über-careful-mode. I mean, they could've easily made going through the sewers after dealing with Spoiler-Dude its own, separate mission, but, well, no. I really get the idea of putting that event in the game as a sort of retaliation for trying to take the easy route earlier or something like that and I like it, but the way it‘s done is terrible and poorly thought through and feels like an undeserved punishment to the players.
  22. It's really stupid that we have to get through the main game again just to access all waves in the Crucible, even on NG+. Like, I have the freakin' plat, beat Armaggedon mode and the Void DLC. If I am not ready for waves 75-101 now, I'll never be. Also couldn't have hurt to somehow communicate this to the player. "You currently can play up to wave 75." There. One sentence. Cost me nothing, Gunfire Games, what's your excuse? Wasted 1.5h of my life; playing until 75 and it stopped, so I figured I must've accidentally chosen the wrong answer and tried again. Same thing, check here and it's some random nonsense from the devs. Ugh!
  23. Is this even possible? Marker Containment, I even switched to Easy, but I have about twenty attempts behind me, yes, knowing to shoot the marker, and nothing works. Carver gets swarmed by those pesky hungermorphs relentlessly and gets stun-locked most of the time without being able to do anything. Even when I can actually attack the marker, it starts to break, but nothing happens. When I have to take care of the group of enemies and return to attacking the marker, it looks completely fine again, so I guess on top of it all it also regenerates itself? Sorry, this coop mission is ridiculous and considering that each time your partner gives up and leaves after a few attempts, you have to wait for a new partner or find a quickmatch with someone who happens to also want to do this mission, I cannot help but wonder what the heck the devs were thinking to make this mission so out of place hard. Nothing else in the game has been this difficult. Edit: Of course, the very next attempt after complaining here, I get paired with a partner who literally rushes that mission like it‘s the tutorial or something. I have no idea what (s)he did, but the whole thing was over after only three enemies spawned for me as Isaac, so not even a minute. Must have had the ultimate marker killer gun. Now I just hope I didn't miss any collectibles in this mission so I never need to play it again.
  24. Eh, I don't expect them to reply or anything and I wrote to the publisher, not the developers. I mean, it sucks, but if they're really just three people trying to get by, I'm not mad at them. Still will make sure I read up on any of their future game‘s situation first before buying.
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