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  1. Nah, I just meant any food buffs as they did not appear on nextmissions for me. Stopped playing anyways, it's too much pointless grind and repetition, plus online's pretty much dead.
  2. Supernova was just as boringly casual as on normal. Mere annoyances, no challenges. Meh.
  3. Title. The game nowhere explains how this works. All I could find out online was it must be done at a campfire, but nothing works. I just cannot find any option to cook my stuff, meat for example, neither in the menus, inventory or around any campfire. (Not to mention the campfires only last like ten seconds which, well, sucks anyways.) What buttons do I press where?! Help! (Please.) Edit: Turns out they didn't mean the campfires you build yourself, but there are apparently super rare pre-built campfires waiting around for you to find them. You can only cook there, because fire is not hot otherwise or whatever. Wouldn't have hurt to actually tell me, game.
  4. No, I don't have one. It's okay if they just use a default one or whatever it is. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Wrote a guide and submitted it, the new layout/editor is fantastic. A huge improvement to just writing a forum posting for the guide, I think. Also, uhm, I forgot to include a header image/banner to the guide. Is it required to have one and can I add it even though I already submitted the guide?
  6. Nah, turns out the description on the items is somewhat misleading. I think they seriously messed this up. If you buy the complete collection which explicitly states it contains both the main game and the add-on, you can indeed play the whole game, but the install will only be a demo, despite containing everything. Thus, it won't install the trophy list. It will pretend it is just the demo. Had to buy The Lost Robots again separately which allows you to download the non-demo version of the install, then works as the main game despite being the add-on. Not cool, but it was just 99 c in the sale, so I'll think of it as a tip for the devs. So, yeah, they totally messed this up, but I have the trophy list installed now.
  7. Uhm … could someone explain to me how I get the game to install the trophy list to begin with? I think the developers created quite a mess with this game. I remember buying some sort of unlock a while ago under the impression it was the full game, which it apparently wasn't and Sony was so kind to refund the purchase as the description was indeed misleading. Now I bought The Complete Collection and can play all four episodes, but the app itself seems to believe I am playing the demo. Why was this even approved for release in this state?
  8. I would like to add that you can use the ketchup on the darts board in the break room, too. This means you can get the Mucky Pup trophy much earlier as using the ketchup on the birdbath outside is not required. Might be helpful for those missing that as they won't have to play that much of the game to reach all the other locations. (And yes, I can confirm that you do indeed get the trophy earlier. I just got it because I used ketchup on the darts board and am not outside yet.)
  9. (Collect all Journal Clues) So nobody anywhere seems to have unlocked this, neither on PS nor XBox nor PC. XBox has some sort of tracker for the achievements and people say it always stays at 0 or 0% for this one. Devs keep silent on it, too. So to start figuring this out … what even are "Journal Clues"? Are those the clues you collect at home before going into a, well, "mission"? Or the stuff you can find during the missions? Both? Neither? The Diary? The Zodiac Facts?
  10. Thanks, but I got the trophy now. What I did: Delete any save data for the game before starting. I think this is what did the trick. To be on the save side, I also did not use checkpoint reload when the killer found me, but immediately closed the game via PSN menu. I don't know if it would matter, but when you use checkpoint reload, the game seems to run on for a moment before starting to reload, so it might be that the killer can get to you in that short timespan and kill you without you even seeing it. It‘s really not too bad, as it is easy to get through very quickly if you already know what to do where in each area. I had to restart only twice on this attempt.
  11. "Complete the entire game without being caught by the Zodiac" — Well, I did. Guess what? No trophy. Thanks. (I do assume the one time getting caught when doesn't count as that moment is scripted and I see no way to avoid it. That moment also starts the whole story, so I doubt there is another way.)
  12. You're looking at ca. 4 hours, certainly less (maybe 2 hours) if you play with a guide, but since the whole point of the game is relaxing and exploring, I suggest not doing so. Don't worry, nothing is missable. Most of the trophies are easy and will come naturally, yet a few require a bit of skill and several attempts, but nothing really hard, so 3/5. Maybe 4 as orientation can be a little difficult due to lack of an ingame map and the camera changing direction continuously. I'll stick with 3, though. Overall, the game is recommendable, very sweet, pretty and a good time, trophies were fun to unlock.
  13. Since it‘s more or less just a comic book to click through and almost every trophy is story-related/unmissable, I don't think this needs a trophy guide, but: One trophy is missable (though there's chapter select and it‘s a very early trophy, too) and that is The Conversation. Not a story spoiler, but just in case. Other than that, just play the story and you‘ll be fine.
  14. You're looking at an under one hour plat here. Pretty good, though. It's a graphic novel with minimalistic player input, so don't expect puzzles or any real challenge.
  15. It‘s kind of difficult to rate. Technically, you can save almost anytime, have multiple, manual savefiles, use guides for the few missable trophies. For Breach mode, you can use the exploit that makes 90% of the levels trivial. I do think you can make it even easier with microtransactions (praxis kits ect.), but will not include this in my rating. So it should be an easy Plat, but that would make it sound like the game is easy, too, which, well, yes and no. Then there‘s the highest difficulty mode with permadeath and savefile deletion and it‘s not easy, but you can still cheat and just copy your savefile manually from time to time, so that‘s more bothersome than hard. Still, you will need lots of resources and that means having to explore every nook and cranny. I end up giving it a 7/10 for being a bit more challenging than average. If you want to go for the 100%, keep in mind that some of the trophies in a criminal past are tough to get, so there‘s that, too.
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