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  1. I'm looking for a groupe to get the strength of our Alliance achievement! Zygg101
  2. Psn Id: Zygg101 Feel free to add me ! (France)
  3. I already got it yesterday but don't hesitate to invite me to a party if you need a win ^^
  4. Zygg101

    Near trophy

    Hey guys ! I think we need to have friends with the game for the near trophy The goal is to "drop" items from the shop 3 times to get the trophy ! Please add me to get it Psn: Zygg101
  5. Hey guys ! I'm looking to boost this as well Zygg101 gmt +1 Please add me to the list
  6. 1. H1DD3N_SHADOW Done - Received 2. Skid0_ Done - Received 3. LEEONE Done - Received 4. Victor007 Done -Received 5. Viktorio85 Done - Received 6. SwypXD Lvl28 7. Zygg101 8. carlobros Done - Received 9. aimbire Done - Received 10. mad_mn Done - Received
  7. Guys my modnation takes ages to load ^^' Is there a way to delete everything i downloaded without losing saves ? Btw: My status Cycle 8 (August 8 - August 11) 1. H1DD3N_SHADOW Done - awaiting response 2. Skid0_ 3. LEEONE Done- Received 4. Victor007 5. Viktorio85Done - awaiting response 6. SwypXD 7. Zygg101 8. carlobros 9. aimbire 10. mad_mn
  8. I finished uploading my creations, i'll get to downloading cycle 8 tonight GMT time
  9. hey guys once again people not in D4D cycle don't hesitate to download my creations and send me a screenshot then i'll download yours without fault Psn ID: Zygg101 Remerber to publish Mods only (and only 1 kart + 1 track)
  10. People wanting to get a little "on the side action" send me a message to Zygg101 I'll download yours if you download mine even if i'm not in the current cycle ^^
  11. same here :/ Few friends on the game but i see no one either over or under me >_< Psn id: Zygg101
  12. What if i don't send proof but it turns out i do download for everyone ?
  13. Hello ! I would like in Psn: zygg101 I am a bit confused though about some of the rules ^^' What exactly do you mean by sending a screenshot to prove we DLed everything ? (Isn't that very tedious ?)
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