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  1. If issues persist with a first party DS3 controller, delete the save and game data and reinstall. Should fix the problem. At least it did for me.
  2. I ran into the issue on PS3 when using a third party DS3 controller. When I used a first party DS3 controller, controls stopped stuttering. I think the constant stuttering caused some glitch as well because my trophies glitched out during sidemissions. Finally finished the sidemissions and got the plat today but had a ton of problems with this game.
  3. Just to note the Youthulu trophy unlocked to me after I was absolutely perfect, ie after the telling Bryce that I was Dr Dekker. Great guide, thanks! Platinum done. On to the next Wales Interactive game.
  4. Hi, just looking to do the "Ain't afraid of snow ghost" trophy. Willing to help with that one only and will appreciate help with it. Thanks. If interested please message me with "SSX" in subject. PSN: re32hana Edit: Completed and done boosting for this game.
  5. I'm hearing that the game is extremely buggy. Should I start now or wait for further patches? It sounds like some of the trophies seemed bug according to comments on Powerpyx's site. Thanks in advance.
  6. Going to try to not make this a B**ching thread on why I hate DLC (especially day 1 DLC in general) but will the Mokujin Hat and Nome's Attic DLC be made available at some point? I bought the standard version of the game at a store (didn't even hear about it for some reason but enjoyed the first game). This game was great but I realized that some of the DLC, like the Mokujin Hat could not be downloaded if you didn't preorder and just left a black silhouette in your hat collection ingame, which ticks me off. Also, Nome's Attic had an extra story (although only 5 minutes long I hear) sequence but could not be accessed unless you get the Deluxe Edition which is only available digitally. When I buy these games I tend to get all content (as I like to own the full game). However, none of this DLC seems available. Will they release this on the PS store at some point as separate addons? It seems Microsoft is selling the Nome's Attic DLC for $4.99, (honestly should be $1.99 for what you're getting) but at least they're selling that as DLC. Not sure why Sony isn't doing the same... Thanks in advance.
  7. I know this isn't required for a trophy but I'd like to see what happens when you collect all 10 fountain pieces. Has anyone done this? I found 5 in the caves and 3 in the forest. Where are the last 2?? I have stopped right before the final boss just in case. Do you get one for defeating the final boss? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi, trying to get the shared story trophy done and out of the way if possible today. Would you like to go for it? My PSN is re32hana I tried to add you but your settings seem to be on private. Thanks in advance.
  9. Wow, it's my 10 year anniversary since joining. OLD!

  10. @hloodybell Heck yeah!

  11. Thanks for the updates. Glad I skipped this game on launch, went with Crash 4 instead. After Battlefront 2's launch issues I've promised to never get an EA game at launch. The employee at the store did say this game was good though but I'll wait until issues are resolved before getting it.
  12. Wooooooooooo in this profile, this is a fun profile from now on

  13. Wow. Just wow. Not even going to hold my breath for the devs to fix the game 1 year after release... I also hear, if I'm not mistaken, that the devs got the license for a brand new Tintin game. I love Tintin. But I really hope they get their act together on this game and don't repeat these major issues on one of my favorite childhood series.
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