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    I'll be gaming til im a grandpa
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  1. Need help with all co op trophies please Psn is J_TREE Pacific standard time or GMT -8 Thanks in advance
  2. As many online tropies we can boost. Psn is J_TREE Pacific standard or GMT -8 Thanks in advance.
  3. J_TREE Pacific time zone or GMT -8 Bullseye Will help you too.
  4. Psn id: J_TREE I need all exo survival co-op trophies PST = GMT -8 Thanks in advance.
  5. Psn id. J_TREE Trophy. Bullseye TZ. PST = GMT -8 Please help with Bullseye. I watched quantum's vid many times. Have a mic. Willing to help with co-op trophies you need too.
  6. Please help with changing lanes trophy. Its the last one I need. Psn is J_TREE PST = GMT -8 Just need this one for plat. Will help you with what you need too. Thanks in advance.
  7. Can someone just kill this tread since the first page never gets updated?
  8. This has to be the second hardest event after the red bull x2010 events. Was stuck at 1.17.3xx for a while. Then got down to 1.17.034 and getting constant silvers in the 1.17.0xx - 1.18.xxx. Then finally bring it altogether on lap for gold at 1.16.997. All the corners are crucial but the final is most important. Brake late halfway through the red driving line go deep in corner and WOT to the line. Time is not the greatest but I don't care finally done with this event. Two more Grand Tour events to gold til Gold Standard is achieved. DS3 Traction 7 ABS 3 Active steering strong All else off
  9. Thank you so much for this thread Harry94. It has been helping me so much. I just completed all Vettel golds. Practice with the X2010 is so important. Just eiger and Toscana night left for all gold trophy.
  10. I just need this one for Plat. Will add your PSN ID when I get home from work. Got a mic too..
  11. Please add me to complete Bullseye. Its the last trophy I need for Plat. I'm in Seattle, GMT -8. Having a mic for this is a must for this co-op mission. Get it and I can help with what you need as well. Peace
  12. I need these too and I think your already on my PSN friends list. Let's get em. Added
  13. Need and looking for a partner who also needs or can help with the two player spec ops missions and all survival trophies. I have a mic and live in GMT -8, Pacific Standard Time. Please add me...J_TREE
  14. Yeah...Roll a blunt, take a blunt. Blunts for everyone and it would be a perfect world.

  15. ^^^^I also need all coop trophies. Will add you on PSN tonight.
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