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  1. Well no-one answered my question lol but if anyone wants to boost the demo kills let me know. PSN ID is same as username here.
  2. Hi was wondering if someone could explain how this game is boosted?? I had a quick look through the thread and couldn't see the method, and I want to know if it's anything like bfbc1 before I decide whether I can commit to boosting. Many thanks
  3. This game and boosting thread is pretty dead however I have this game () and want to get the online trophies done and dusted. The online is still live (I've checked) and I know that the Dog of War trophy is glitched and therefore so is the plat, however I'm wanting to set up a boosting group to complete the other trophies. I've messaged everyone who has posted on this thread in the last year about the game and once I get enough people on board I'm going to set up a boosting chat (which worked well for BFBC1 boosting) so that people can team up and help each other instead of being reliant on just 1 fellow booster. So, if you're reading this and have the game, send me a message / friend request and even if I can't help you myself I'm hoping others can.
  4. No longer boosting this game so no friend requests or messages please. Thanks to Shido_012 for boosting with me
  5. Looking to boost this game in the next week or so. I have the UK copy. Message or add me on PSN to get this done, stating the game name in the message section. Thanks
  6. Or maybe that I'm bored because I actually planned to play on the PS3 today and not watch the damn thing installing all afternoon lol

  7. so what you're saying is that im so interesting that without me you bore easily? :p

  8. I am lol I'm trolling the net lol and watched most of the Newcastle v Chelsea match. Still bored though :p

  9. do something else? i'm going to wash my car in a minute so i expect i'll be idle when you get back on :p

  10. Lol typical, why didn't I install it overnight. Longest 129 minutes in history

  11. yeah well it does say you're online at least. just sitting there doing nothing :p

  12. I sure do, currently at 67% and 48 minutes to go lol

  13. you must have shit internet for it to be taking that long :p

  14. Stupid BFBC2 has signed me out installing itself lol I'll be back on in 129 minutes apparently lol

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