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  1. Dying constantly during Everlasting Duty in Nioh is beginning to be boring and I'm lazy to craft my new build for Way Of The Strong, so I dug up the Gamecube to play a game fitting the season : Super Mario Sunshine.
  2. Well I hope it's an optional boss far in the game (but let me guess, it's not ?).
  3. I was browsing on Twitch and there is a guy who is at more than 2100 attempts against "Malenia" in Elden Ring. I don't watch streams to avoid spoilers but that's not really encouraging for me... Back on topic, I can add some bosses from Nioh : Hino-Enma (yep, the...second boss of the game) : fast, with paralyzing projectiles and a long reach. I even died once to her at the end of the main game, where you have to kill four bosses to unlock the elevator. Umi Bozu : I always have to light the braziers so he avoid spawning little blobs and, even without them, he is really annoying because of his size and the range of his attacks. Sanada Yukimaru : infinite Living Weapon, neverending combos... Classy boss and cool character though. Nine-Tails Fox : so large you can't look away from your health bar to see if you've been hit, incredibly powerful attacks (almost a one shot, even on Way Of The Samurai) and, because why not, a fucking HP sponge. Fighting both her and Toyotomi (who is also incredibly annoying) will promise hours of fun. Not to mention the level it takes place, a kind of fourth dimension with changing colors, making it really disorienting and confusing. Yamata-No-Orochi : a 8 headed giant snake, need I say more ? Even if I barely tried, I'll still add Jin Hayabusa : really really fast, can kill you in two hits, uses a powerful fire spell from distance... The Ogress gives me some trouble but it's mostly because of her broken hitboxes, which are Dark Souls 2 tier, but you stay close to her and attack her back, you should be fine. In fact, except Onryoki, Nué, White Tiger, Saika, Honda (his side mission, during the main game this fight an easy gimmick) and some others I forget, it shows how trash I am at this game.
  4. I don't know how I did (luck I guess) but I cleared The Fare For The Afterlife in Nioh (on Way Of The Samurai, which is NG). I changed my usual Crossed Sickles set to Seven Misfortunes, Eight Hardships (yep I got the smithing text without even looking for it but RNG is really good on this save), which is a bit better but requires you to play with an affliction (fire, poison, decreased defense...) to get a damage boost. Now remains The Ninja Master and Eternal Duty before going to NG+ (technically I COULD start NG+ with my new build idea but I prefer doing things in order) but those ones being "slightly" tough it will take some time... I also clearer the 5 first floors of the Abyss, which is the deepest you can reach on Way Of The Samurai. EDIT : and all of this without sloth ! Anyway debuffs, whatever there are, last 3 seconds on DLC bosses... EDIT 2 : And The Master Ninja is done ! I wouldn't say it's easier than I thought (4-5 tries), but as I read, the key is spacing and a "guerilla tactic". Indeed, Jin is really aggressive and fast, meaning if you dodge his attacks you have an opening in his back. Unfortunately he didn't drop any interesting smithing text. As for Eternal Duty on the other hand, well, it will take some time...
  5. Continuing some demos with Gloomwood and New Blood Interactive delivers again ! After some false starts (I had trouble to get the hang of it), I finally got it and it's wonderful, Thief (the original ones) mixed with, more surprinsigly...Resident Evil. Thief for the atmosphere of the derelict town and, obvioulsy, the stealth gameplay with an impressive sound design, creating a creepy atmosphere. Not to mention the "rough" 3D, even though NBI seems to do their own throwback models instead of trying to recreate slavishly what has been done before. The UI is minimal with no indications of ammunitions left in your weapons, you have either to pause the game with the backpack (by pressing TAB) or hold R to check the cylinder of the six-shooter. Resident Evil for...the backtrack. In the demo you have to find 2 medallions to unlock a magic seal, one is close and, of course, the other is located in the sewers. Also, despite being on PC, you can only save at phonographs and the new inventory (which is not in the demo) is a suit case like Resident Evil 4. So needless to say this one finished in my wishlist !
  6. I just saw this topic and I'm quite shocked by this sad news, I really don't know what else to say except my sincere condoleances to his family and friends.
  7. Feeling a bit burned in Nioh (the 3 last side missions are absolute hell...and I'm still on Way Of The Samurai difficulty !) so I tried some 2 demos of the Steam Neo Fest : - Cultic : a retro-fps really REALLY inspired by Blood (and Resident Evil 4, your starting weapon being a kind of Red9), highly-piexelated but with a creepy atmosphere and brutal combats. - Selaco : developed on GZDoom, technically the game looks incredible, retro but detailed, colorful, with some nice lighting effects. It's closer to System Shock/ F.E.A.R (though "powers" were not yet included) with a narration told through logs, with, there again, brutal combats. Despite being retro by design, the gameplay is not that retro, you need to use cover and be a little bit more careful, enemies being smart, accurate and tough. My main concern is the level design, which I found quite confusing and found myself running in circles searching for the objective. Interesting and challenging, I'm waiting the next update of the demo to get a better idea.
  8. Nioh : Bloodshed's End - 7/10 Even if the story ends with a beautiful cinematic, it clearly called for a sequel (but if I read correctly, Nioh 2 takes places...before the first one). Gampelay wise, except the last boss (more on that later), it's a bit "easier" than the first two additional chapters. Yes you fight Sanada again and it's basically the same fight as in Defiant Honor, the second boss is giant Bird, I died once but he is not a real threat (its weak point is pretty obvious...), the third boss is annoying but he will remind two bosses of the main game (you'll fight them again as practice) and finally the last... So, I don't mind this boss being the hardest of the game, the only problem I had is that the fight takes place in a kind of other dimension with a lot of shit on the screen, not to mention the boss is so big with incredible range (if you've played the game but not this chapter, think Nué or White Tiger but with King Kong size), you have to trouble to keep track of what you have to look for. I guess this feeling of disorientation was intended but in my opinion they pushed it too far (or maybe it was late and I wasn't really focused). That said, a good game design choice is that all the bosses of the 3 additional chapters can be fought directly in side missions (except Maria but the main mission is just the fight), offering a good way to practice. So overall three good additional chapters, a bit light about the main storyline ( ) and a mixed bag for boss fights but with really good new areas and offering a tough challenge.
  9. Last night I finally finished the last main mission in Nioh - Bloodshed's End, meaning I completed the full story (4 years after buying the game). I'll just have to complete the remaining side missions that popped up before moving to Way Of The Strong.
  10. This morning I finally completed the first mission of Bloodshed's End in Nioh, defeating the first boss (Sanada...again) on my 3rd try. I also complete 2 side missions. I'm quite happy that the reroll of my stats worked (I backed up my save just in case) because I mostly use a sword which has an A+ scaling with Spirit, whereas swords scale normally with Heart, and, as you have guessed, I had more points in Heart than Spirit so my build needed some tweaks. It doesn't mean I one shot everybody and stroll in the level like an invincible war machine, I still die in 2-3 hits (yep that's Nioh for you) but it's a bit better.
  11. Nioh : Defiant Honor - 6.5/10 Storywise, it still feels as "to be continued" because there are only two main missions BUT they are nonetheless quite engaging. The first one put you straight into a battlefield, a bit like the first level of the old Medal Of Honor, the D-Day, because as soon as you hear a bell, you have to hide behind a kind of palissade to avoid a rain of arrows (tip : look for the Kodamas AFTER you use the cannons, it will make your life easier). The other main level is inside Sanada's fortress, with an interesting level design where you meet the "Sanada Ten Braves", 10 (no shit !) quite dangerous warriors, more like revenants than semi-bosses (dangerous but not that difficult). The two bosses are a mixed bag, if Sarutobi is quite cool despite spamming a bit too much ninja shit (poisoned kunais, explosive shuriken) and has an annoying unblockable slide, it's an interesting fight. Sanada on the other is a chore. Like Date Masamune he spams his 2 living weapons (one fire, one wind) with almost undodgeable AOE. To be honest I cheesed him by running on "upper stage", fell so I could land few while he was falling (Yokai Water Pot are also pretty good to deplete his Ki). After these two build-up chapters (not bad, but it's more focused on side missions than story), I really hope the final one will deliver !
  12. Still Nioh, this time the last additional chapter : Bloodshed's End. And since I got my ass handed to me during almost two hours, as soon as I saved the last Kodama, I left the level without seeing the boss, fuck that ! I guess it's time to upgrade my build...
  13. Hi there, I don't know if anyone still play the game but this side mission gives me some trouble. So this time Date Masamune asks for a rematch after you beat his ass in Dragon Of The North...except now he starts directly by spamming the shit out of his living weapons. If the green one seems mor manageable, he has nonetheless long combos that eat your ki you try to guard or hit you anyway if you try to dodge, so the very few moments when you can attack are when he is out of ki...which last 10 seconds. My build is quite decent it's a classic samurai (sword & spear), wearing the Crossed Sickle armor set (B in agility) with Aya-Komori as a primary Guardian Spirit and Fuse-Ushi as the second. Also, ALL my equipment is divine at level 150 (+4). As for Onmyo I have rejuvenation, steel, protection and weakness and, for the ninjustsu, power pill and quick change. So if anyone has a good strategy... Thanks in advance. EDIT : DID IT ! So the strategy was pretty stupid but after one hour struggling (I died 2-3 times after 15-20 minutes of battle), I ran around the bridge, waiting for him to almost run out of ki and then hitting until he falls or is stunned, do a grapple attack, run away until he is out of ki... It's long, boring, not a guaranteed success (he has some long combos and recovers quite fast) but I think if you get the trick, it's a strategy. Also, when he is almost out of ki, you can throw a Yokai Water Pot but careful because if he blocks, it won't fully work. Can't wait to fight him in Way Of The Demon ! And no way I farm him for the smithing texts of his dual swords or armor (though the latter seems to have pretty interesting bonuses) !
  14. Victory of the day in Nioh (Defiant Honor) : Yukimura Sanada. So apparently the main theme of the bosses is "we have infinite living weapons giving us hyper armor and only a 10 seconds cooldown before triggering another LW, good luck and fuck you". The boss is classy and all but this fight is really unfair (as for Date Masamune in the side mission "Hands Of The Dragon"...). So MAYBE I'll have to cheese the human boss fights with moment talisman and Daiba-Washi as a guardian spirit (which will knock the human bosses down, giving an opening for a stab while they are on the ground).
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