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  1. Want to get supply box done. Tried legit but noone will use it PSN: RedDevil757 GMT: 0
  2. This is why I dislike what trophies have done to gaming. It shouldn't matter if it has trophies or not. Play it and enjoy it. You shouldn't have to get a digital thing (which is totally meaningless at the end of the day) to play content.
  3. You'll boycott a developer because they support an old game for free and add new content? You sir are everything that is wrong about gaming these last two generations. I like it. I hope they add more.
  4. I'm away from my Playstation right now but when I was playing it, I don't remember seeing those in the menus. I could be wrong here but I think they'll just show if you have the dlc. Probably adds them to the end of the list. There was some backer scrolls too from what I remember
  5. So obviously this game is meant to be a co op game. But many of us want the single player experience. In this game you control 2 characters, switching between them as you want. My problem is that it's really distracting when there's a lot going on, it's very easy to loose track of which one you are in the chaos. Not only that but you've no control over the AI character that's constantly using magic and whatever it wants. This just adds to the confusion. I was such a huge fan of the first game but this design choice ruins the game for me. Hopefully they'll be an option to disable the AI companion in the future but I doubt it.
  6. Maybe you've learnt never to relay on autosaves. Always manual save! Save save save! Make 10 of em, 50 of em. Just make sure you manual save every so often.
  7. I get lag in that mode too. I've also had the game blue screen and kick me back to dashboard twice since the update.
  8. Not very hard. Double do every Wednesday and they're still doing triple xp events.
  9. Are you trying to save in co op? You can't.
  10. I beat the game without continuing and didn't get the perfect win trophy. The one for reaching stage 5 didn't pop either. Started a new game, got the stage 5 without dying and the trophy didn't pop again. Edit: fixed this by deleting all saves, the Sega Ages data and trying again. Third time both trophies popped.
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