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  1. My apocalyptic trophy also unlocked when I never finished on that difficulty. I started on balanced, but wanted to get through it asap so put it on story. At the end I out it on apocalyptic just to "see how hard the final boss would be", then switched back to story. All trophies unlocked at the end then. Three trophies are missable. The fight with Abraxis, the lord of hollows and then one for not killing the angel during the Lust fight.
  2. Shoot your gun to scare the other animals in the area off, move away, come back.
  3. There's 15 legendary animals (16 including panther)
  4. None are missing on the social club. The trophy tracker days I'm on 90% as well.
  5. Lending a Hand didn't unlock for me, doing all the missions listed in the guide book. I followed it to a T as I didn't want to do another playthrough. Looks like that is happening now though...
  6. Depends what shattered throne lore wants you to do, but the rest (besides the collectible stuff) is RNG from public events, lost sectors etc. Dreaming City seal will likely be the easiest once all the content for it is out.
  7. Won't know for sure until Telltale say though. At the end of the day though all these people lost their jobs. Hopefully they can find work at another studio soon. All the games I played of theirs I enjoyed... even Sam and Max.
  8. The 25 left are working on Minecraft, not TWD. Those 21 trophies will likely forever be unobtainable as they won't patch the list.
  9. I don't have the 18 Kelvins or Braytech Osprey, only two I'm missing. A tip is to do the first step of the Nascent Dawn quest on all 3 characters, as each one will give you a random braytech weapon. I'm not farming those things to open the nodes forever either, just isnt worth it. I'm going for the lore one instead or the dreaming city one. I've done most of the lore one already besides the Ahamkara bones that haven't been found yet and the shattered throne lore (which isnt available yet)
  10. Platinum is unobtainable full stop unless you already have the trials trophy until December at the earliest, no matter how much DLC you buy... They aren't forcing you to buy the expansions either, you can play the game fine without them - except for DLC stuff.
  11. But the platinum isnt unlocked behind a paywall... The game is like $10 so this is hardly a deal of the century. You cannot get the plat until at least December anyway as there's no trials.
  12. Main thing I think is this site is getting stale and left behind in terms of design and accessibility, compared to a site like PSNProfiles. Posting guides is a real pain in the ass, but PSNP has a perfect set up. Main site guides are never first in google either, the forum one will appear ahead of it in most cases.
  13. Yeah my bad on that one, I had changed the timeline to reflect that, the error is just in the video. I wasn't sure which one was which and guessed wrong >.<
  14. River Pass is the only place that has a blocked off area. That part is where you chase the board and it leads to Freya's house... Which you cannot access at the end of the game.
  15. All the ones you need for the trophies, yes. Artifacts video will be up within the hour.
  16. Odin's Ravens [0:00] Wildwoods [0:38] The River Pass (Part 1) [2:20] Landsuther Mines [3:04] The River Pass (Part 2) [3:57] Lookout Tower [4:31] Foothills [5:18] The Mountain [7:39] Shores of the Nine [8:01] Iron Cove [8:34] Isle of Death [9:02] Fafnir's Storeroom [10:53] Forgotten Caverns [11:54] Konunsgard [14:20] Northri Stronghold [15:01] Council of the Valkyries [15:25] Thamur's Corpse [16:16] Buri's Storeroom [16:39] Stone falls [17:07] Veithurgard [18:29] Cliffs of the Raven [18:56] Volunder Mines [19:18] Alfheim [20:28] Helheim Artifacts [0:00] Wildwoods (Lost and Found) [2:19] The River Pass (The Faces of Magic) [6:38] The Mountain (Bottoms Up) [11:03] Shores of Nine (Abandon Ship) [12:40] Lookout Tower (Abandon Ship) [13:20] Cliffs of the Raven (Abandon Ship) [13:56] Stone Falls (Abandon Ship) [14:32] Forgotten Caverns (Abandon Ship) [15:00] Isle of Death (Abandon Ship) [15:59] Veithurgard (Horns pf Veithurgard) [19:13] Alfheim (Spoils of War) [22:59] Helheim (Family Heirloom) Treasure Maps & Dig Spots The Turtles Tribute [0:00] Map [0:46] Dig Spot Kneel Before Thor! [1:51] Map [2:59] Dig Spot Dead and Bloated [4:16] Map [5:11] Dig Spot Don't Blink [6:08] Map [7:10] Dig Spot Creation Island [8:02] Map [8:47] Dig Spot Finder's Fee [9:30] Map [10:22] Dig Spot Njord's Oarsmen [11:38] Map [12:50] Dig Spot The Boat Captain's Key [14:12] Map [15:08] Dig Spot Island of Light [16:20] Map [16:58] Dig Spot The Historian [17:55] Map [18:41] Dig Spot Hunter's Kingdom [19:35] Map [20:54] Dig Spot The Last Place They'd Look [21:30] Map [22:45] Dig Spot Jotnar Shrines [0:00] Skoll and Hati [1:19] Hrungir [2:51] Ymir [4:36] Skadi [6:29] Jormungandr [7:30] Groa [8:26] Thrym [10:25] Bergelmir [11:55] Thamur [12:52] Starkadr [13:51] Surtr Nornir Chests [0:00] Wildwoods - Apple [0:55] The River Pass - Mead [2:55] The River Pass - Apple [4:05] The River Pass - Apple [4:53] The River Pass - Mead [6:24] The River Pass - Apple [9:30] Lookout Tower - Apple [11:04] Cliffs of the Raven - Mead [14:19] Foothills - Mead [15:39] The Mountain - Mead [16:57] The Mountain - Apple [18:40] Forgotten Caverns - Apple [20:02] Fafnir's Storeroom - Mead [20:51] Light Elf Outpost - Apple [22:22] Konunsgard - Mead [23:33] Veithurgard - Mead [25:00] Tyr's Temple - Apple [26:28] Alfheim - Apple [27:23] Alfheim - Apple [29:17] Alfheim - Mead [30:14] Alfheim - Mead Muspelheim Language Ciphers [0:00] #1 The River Pass [1:07] #2 The Moutau [1:31] #3 Cliffs of the Raven [3:16] #4 Forgotten Caverns Niflheim Language Ciphers [0:00] #1 The Mountain [1:08] #2 Lookout Tower [1:49] #3 Ruins of the Ancient [2:39] #4 Shores of the Nine Valkyries [0:00] #1 The River Pass [1:23] #2 Foothills [2:25] #3 The Mountain [3:11] #4 Thamur's Corpse [3:52] #5 Alfheim [4:33] #6 Helheim [5:09] #7 Muspelheim [5:35] #8 Niflheim [6:44] #9 Council of the Valkyries (Valkyrie Queen)
  17. Took me forever with the turtles as well, had to run into them, shoot them etc about 20 times before the trophy unlocked. Grounded Scaler is also glitched for me.
  18. [ame] [/ame] I had luck getting it here, was able to catch the bug 3 times in this location and my friends were able to get it there as well. Hope it helps
  19. I thought some parts were cheesy, but overall thought it was a brilliant movie. I’ll put other points in a spoiler tag... [spoiler=abcdefg]My only real complaint was Snoke just dying like that. He was never properly introduced, and just gets killed off in some mediocre way. No explanation on who he was or why he was in power. Another thing was Admiral Ackbar dying and nobody giving a shit? He just got killed, and a small mention “oh yeah they all died and so did Ackbar”.
  20. I’d say cheap is around £400-£500. You’d want to spend around £600-£1200 for a good 4K TV. You’re likely to get a good deal because of Black Friday. As long as the TV is over 49” and has HDR, UHD etc it’ll be fine.
  21. No, it has to be done over your wifi network.
  22. Saw mention of Iden and Del being Rey’s parents, because of how Kylo mentions their daughter at the end. Don’t think they’d have mentioned they had a daughter without some reason behind it.
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