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  1. Thanks. I just checked it & it HAS updated & shows 40/40. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. An odd issue concerning a game I just completed. It has to do with Crossover by POWGI (NA) (PS4). Upon getting the Platinum in the game, I made sure my checklist was completely filled out, then refreshed the page. When I did, it now said I only had 2/40 Trophies & the checklist was no longer there. I tried it on other Browsers & computers, but it still said the same thing & the checklist was missing. But, here is the weird thing. When I went to my Profile & then my checklists, it says I have 40/40 complete, but if I click on the link, the page says I have 2/40 Trophies. A very weird bug, indeed.....🤪
  3. I went with a 3, as I did over 90& without any help.
  4. Anyone interested in doing the co-op trophies, hit me up. PSN: TinCannEd Timezone: U.S. EST (GMT -5)
  5. I was thinking WTF?! as well. I see this in he New Games Section, but they R saying it was released a while back. They should of released a separate set of Trophies with it. It would of differentiated it from the VR version.
  6. Thanks. Enjoying this game on my Alt (ALWAYS try games 1st there). Finally decided to try this after buying about a 16 months ago. Mos of the puzzles are easy, so far, but there have been a couple that I was like WTF?! This will help, if I need any assistance.
  7. It's not the Devs or the Publisher. It's the inept group @ Sony, whose job is to do this. It's not like they don't have the list, as the game is already on XB1 & PC with the Achievements. No Excuse.... I have a game, Unknown Fate, that released March 5th & the trophies are STILL not on the servers:eek:. I contacted the Dev in March & they said they submitted the the trophies 2 weeks before release, so the problem was on Sony's end. On a side note, I have played some on XB1, via GamePass & I like it a lot.
  8. The Helmet is in the initial Chamber, .you were lying in When you first get control, yurn around & go back into that room. Collect the 2 chests & when you go in the right corner, a Sony store load will pop up & give you the option to download the helmet. Really Simple:dance:
  9. One of the tricky levels is 9-6. here is a pic for the Speed Run Solution. I took this quite a hile ago, so the Quality is poor, but you can still make out the solution.
  10. Fixed the pic, as I changed the pic host from the greedy photo bucket.
  11. tincann

    andriod app

    Yeah. I found out, with a lot of these, they have dropped all support for older Android Phones:rant:. I just opted to play with the controller.
  12. As the title says, on the 1st level, do the Silver Ranking BEFORE doing the Gold. The reason for this is if you get the Gold & go back to try and get Silver in that level, it will not pop. I tried it 10 times. Deleted my save, did this method & it popped the first time. You would normally get the Gold almost automatically, since the enemies do not fire in this level. What the level starts, begin counting (or use a watch) as you pick off the 1st 3 tanks. If you are under 21 seconds, just follow the last tank & when you hit past 20 seconds, but under 25 seconds, destroy him & you will get the Silver Ranking Trophy.
  13. Looks a lot like Legend of Zelda: Windwaker or if you want more current, OceanHorn: Monsters of Uncharted Seas. I'll be picking this one up, for sure.
  14. Actually @LionSquid, Sony North America has hired a bunch of inept Employees that have no clue what they are doing. They've screwed up the website & don't put up pre-orders for non-AAA titles until around a week of less before launch. There is no excuse for these trophy lists not being on Sony's servers. The only reason is them not doing their job. I think the game devs should take issue with this. I think Corporate should just clean house & hire a competent staff.
  15. There are 4 Unobtainable Trophies, including the . The trophies are: Game over man, game over! Get every other trophies in the game. Stick Around! Play through the entire game in one session with 3 friends. What Day Is It? The Date! What Year? Kill 120584 enemies. The best kind of Tomorrow. Achieve a bodycount of 199 in a single World. PSN Trophies list that there is 1 person in the world who got each of these, but we can pretty much guarantee that it is either a glitcher or one of the Game's Devs. I am leaning toward a glitcher.
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