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  1. It seems the game was pulled from the PSN Store, too. That's a shame. I usually try to hammer out some trophies of a game when I hear it's shutting down. Oh well. I'll download the Steam version to at least give it a try before the end.
  2. Primarily looking to do "Playdate" and "Who Can You Trust?" (Join a friends backyard & Kill friend in backyard) to get those trophies knocked out, but feel free to add me for Ops & Infinity groups. PSN: Riotcraft
  3. You guys should go watch all of the videos from Jim Sterling regarding Square Enix and also the videos about Deus Ex as they're related. Here's one of the videos that I think started the saga of what the hell Square Enix is doing with its Eidos properties, but the story including Hitman continues through the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided videos. Tomb Raider, Hitman and Deus Ex failing to hit sales expectations is pretty much entirely Square Enix's fault as far as I'm concerned. I mean, it's not as far as I'm concerned. Everything surrounding those games from the cut-up half-game that is Deus Ex with millions wasted on useless marketing no one saw and pre-order schemes to the making of a franchise known for its PlayStation legacy exclusive to a struggling Xbox One for a year (Tomb Raider) with the cherry on top being the carving up of Hitman into what's in my opinion a worse experience over a full retail release makes it inarguable. Of course, it's worth noting that not every bad decision came from Square Enix Japan. A lot of screw ups came from the former Eidos Western Square Enix suits. Also, don't forget about Square Enix not making Sleeping Dogs 2 at all and United Front going out of business. (Not entirely sure whose at fault for that mess)
  4. Looking to do all of the co-op trophies. PSN: Riotcraft
  5. Looking to do all co-op trophies PSN: Riotcraft
  6. I always end up finally playing a game once I hear it's shutting down and then finding out I actually like the game. It's just my luck. This game really reminds me of an old online space shooter I used to play in the late 90's. Can't remember what it was called. Just went through this a month or two ago with Nosgoth.
  7. Edit: All finished. Turns out some people do still play.
  8. Good god is this game absolutely awful in every conceivable way. I regret spending $3 on it from Redbox. I'm not even going to attempt online. I can barely get myself to play through a single Tournament mode playthrough.
  9. This has been happening to me since December. Every single game I've played now has a delay when trophies pop up. It's a shame because I kind of like having cool screenshots to go with all of the games I've played. Now they're all just a pause screen, the dashboard or my character just standing or running around instead of say in Arkham Knight beating the hell out of someone or shooting someone in Black Ops 3. I also can't seem to instantly hit the Home button to bring up the trophy I've gotten and sometimes trophies are just gray icons with the placeholder trophy image. Sadly, it seems like it's back to being like the PS3 except worse.
  10. Edit: Nevermind. Just used the glitch for Crawmerax.
  11. I just started playing through this now... This has literally turned into an 8 hour ordeal just to get one arena done. It's insane. Its already taken too many hours to get through just one boring arena, but it turns into many hours when you keep taking breaks to due to sheer boredom. I regret ever picking up the GOTY edition now. I was going to plow through the DLC, but it's been a nightmare. All of them. I first played through Zombie Island which was way too low of a level for Playthrough 2. It was mediocre and over fast, but it was cool to see a new area. Then I jumped into Underdome and got destroyed in the first few waves. Jumped back to Playthrough 1 and still got destroyed. Gave up and went into Armory of General Knoxx and got destroyed by the first enemies. I did no damage to them and could take no damage either. I gave up on it and even trying Claptrap, so I figured I had to go through the entire base game again and get some levels/equipment. Naturally, I didn't really get anything worthwhile after spending hours going through an entire game. Went back to Underdome and got destroyed again. So... I found the split-screen method and that's what I've been doing. An entire day spent grinding this awful, awful DLC in god-awful vertical split-screen with scaled down even crappier looking graphics in ugly re-used asset arenas. What a nightmare.
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