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  1. Mine didn’t pop either anyone have a solution to this?
  2. Sorry about last night, I was clearing some old notifications/messages and accidentally left the chat but the system glitched out and wouldn't show any active one so I couldn't rejoin it :(.

  3. Funhouse is easy get the game to midnight dummy falls asleep shoot ball into his mouth while snoring with the upper left flipper space station is easy shoot the ball to the ramp lane or orbit that is lit green 3 times for multi ball while in multi ball shoot at least 2 balls into the lit green lanes again dr dude is hard shoot magnet 3x shoot target by mix ramp 3x shoot right yellow sink hole 3x this will activate mix master shoot left ramp to put ball into mix master shoot left lane to ray gun it will now be lit red to shoot dude and upgrade him repeat these steps 5 x for trophy 1st upgrade = plain dude 2nd = party dude 3rd is cool dude 4th is major dude 5th is super dude and trophy
  4. I'll give it a try when I have a spare minute or two for sure! :D

  5. Looks interesting but there wasn’t enough there in that trailer I would like to see more
  6. If you wanna play it and give feedback you still can - it’s up to you

  7. Sorry, I just saw this. Are you still wanting feedback? :)

  8. That is incredible. Nice job. We should chat on psn. Bravo.

  9. You told me to let you know the grade of scooby doo game.

    Got a 100 and she asked if she could use it as an example for future classes :)

  10. Ok buddy, i’ll take a look later today.;)

  11. Yeah link is still up if you wanna try it

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