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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. Jesus this site has really fucking gone to shit!! Such a shame...

  3. Yeah not too bad myself thanks. But so much to do and not enough time for all of it, but that's life for ya :)

  4. Will be starting this soon enough, so if anybody else is, then message me on psn and we can knock out the mp trophies if the online is dead. Psn id below in spoiler. Gmt-0 Edit - got the trophies so i wont be accepting friend requests for moto gp 13.
  5. I went for a 3. Seems low compared to others. I thought the hardest thing was getting to grips with the alternate controls. Once i got the hang of those, it became about learning how to use accelerate. Then learning the courses. And finally getting used to the faster cars. Once i did all these, the plat was never a doubt , even the more difficult levels were just inexplicably easier. Also, the levels are all, maximum, a minute long. Restart option speeds up retries in a great way. Tl:dr - great game, easy plat once you get used to alternate controls
  6. Thanks a lot for the offer buddy but i ended up getting it. I just downloaded it to my ps3 and did the whole ' second account' trick, then auto-popped it on the vita. Kinda cheating but who cares And now i have the platinum twice!
  7. Well i've played duke nukem 3d regular edition i think, and thought it was so so. I hit a wall going thru it on insane mode so i then stopped and deleted it..

    Got my first ever double platinum :) motorstorm rc on vita and ps3. I gotta say its a surprisingly easy plat once you get used to the contols. It still has rage moments but the quick restarts kinda make it less annoying and races are never too long. I would recommend it.

  8. Yep, luckily none of them got damaged. Nice to hear you can still game while at work, just don't play Duke Nukem Megatron Edition. I've just got through playing it and it's the biggest pile of crap I've ever played.

  9. Ah man. The dangers of cups of tea!! Lol. Yeah i've lately been playin vita games on breaks n stuff cos my free time is less now. Currently playing motorstorm rc and i must say, its fun, its addictive, but the controls are tough to get to grips with unfortunately :(

  10. Would like to get wall brawl trophy. Have gone through most races but never really replayed them, so my times are not fantastic yet. Message me up, my psn id is idloveacupoft and I am gmt+0, so yeah, message me and we can try it out.
  11. Slowly but surely work through the backlog, be it getting a plat or even just a few trophies out of the way. I have them all in a CD folder so I just flick through and pick out a random game.


    Nearly destroyed all of them yesterday when I spilt my cup of tea all over the folder, took me two hours or so to test them all and clean the folder out.

  12. Good to hear you're well and keeping busy. Ah ye ive a bit of free time for the next few weeks so i thought id play a few games. Mainly been focusing on mgr and catherine lately. Not sure if i will bother platting them but theyre very fun. Yourself? Any gaming plans or jus clean the backlog.

  13. Yeah i got this a while ago. Pretty easy but a little grindy in parts. Gave it a 3.
  14. I thought I looked older when I woke up this morning :p It's all good, I'm not to bad, applying for jobs and gaming. Hope you're well, seeing as you've been playing so many different games these past weeks. :)

  15. This is only slightly annoying for me cos i only need the 50 day trophy and am probably 10 or so days away from it. If i was a completionist, i would probably be cursing the heavens though! Lol
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