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  1. Is there any way to get fourth Peerless Tyle? Hard table is impossible. They win their hands literally on 2-3 turns. Can I just transfer one from Majima side, he doesn't need them anyway?
  2. I just cant, I go Extreme Heat, but that SMG Amon guy just evades everything and after almost immediately shooting my Heat off just insta kills me. EDIT: Disregard this message, I forgot that Sacrifice Stones exist =)
  3. I'd say it's about 4-ish. I did everything in one Critical playthrough (which is only a bit hard at the very beginning, then it's almost like a beginner mode). Mushroom battles weren't that bad, only 3 were a bit annoying, but they didn't take more than 15 minutes each. Data Org battles were tricky, but fun. Pretty much nothing in the game was really hard, mostly time consuming and a bit annoying at times. Although, I did use an easy way to beat Terra.
  4. Thanks guys. Guess I'm not high leveled enough then, since I don't even have Negative Combo yet.
  5. I think I forgot how Reflega works. I remember it doing damage even during spam, now I just don't take any damage for a bit, but neither are my enemy. If I wait a bit then it does damage to the enemy, but enemy is free to attack me after that since I stuck in the animation. This makes really hard killing one of the mushrooms in 10 seconds.
  6. 2/10 for me. Ignoring the grinding for 24 hours and online plays and potential glitches (none of which happened for me, thankfully) the game is pretty easy. Compared to LBP 1 and 2, getting all prize bubbles and beating the story is much more easy. Even that Traffic Jam level everyone is screaming about wasn't much for me (though it was a bit harder than anything else in the game).
  7. 2/10 for me. Nothing hard in this one and grinding was practically nonexistent for me, since I started to use challenge items almost from the start. After finishing the hard mode the leftover grinding was absorbed in my attempts to Perfect a few songs and when I finally did it, I had a lot of points. The hardest trophy for me was to get all pictures in the gallery =)
  8. Finally worked =) It seems the problem was that my friend was joining me incorrectly.
  9. Am I a chosen one or something? I kinda thought it was a pretty easy level. Granted it took about 7-9 tries to beat it which is more than any other level in the game, but still. The main problem of that level for me is the fact that you can hardly control yourself.
  10. I doubt that it's not random, but I'll try just playing the game for starters since I still need to finish Hard mode and then farm fro a bit. If it won't unlock by then then I'll try tackling Extreme =)
  11. Pretty much, I was watching something else and decided to try and complete the gallery while I was doing that. It went from 81% to 95% in about 15 minutes, but from there it just stuck. I'm seriously cursed since it a third game where I can't get past 95% =)
  12. Is there any way to trick the game into showing the missing pictures? I'm stuck on 95% for a few days now, the same percentage as I was stuck on Extend and Diva 2nd.
  13. How exactly the trick with two people and two controllers work? I plugged in a second controller and invited my friend before and after he plugged in his second controller, but it didn't work both times. Did I do something wrong?
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