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  1. Anyone still helping out with the SSDD course trophies. And the do not push that button trophy. PSN InSpiritOfBASH Eastern time US
  2. I can't seem to get the manualling down. I have no feeling in my left thumb. These are a nightmare anyway I try them. Congrats everyone that has been able to complete them. I'm glad you guys posted videos to help everyone out. Good job.
  3. I give this an 8/10 for an average trophy hunter and one new to Tony Hawk. The hard get there's are a pain and the grind to level 100 is a very time consuming task. I don't recommend trophy hunting this game unless your good at the series. Your looking at over a 100 hours plus grind.
  4. I got it guys. Ty for the advice. Now these pain in the ass hard get there's.
  5. It seem like no one wants to help anyone with this. I've tried other places to get a share play partner and nobody wants anything to do with it. This is insane. If there is anyone here willing to help please. PSN InSpiritOfBASH US Eastern Standard Ohio
  6. My two cents, I'm never playing a Tony Hawk again after I finish this. This is ridiculous. I'll push to finish but it's going to kill my love for this series.
  7. Anyone have any tips or any advice on how to get the sick combo in downhill? I'm killing my thumb trying to do this. It's the last one I need for the challenge sick nasty.
  8. This has been by far the most confusing game to follow a guide. To many collectible videos. The fact that you can't get all collectibles in your first play through with no powers. Does anyone know of better resources to follow. This progressing and back tracking is highly irritating.
  9. Looking for a boosting partner. Region US PSN InspiritofBASH. Please lmk in message your wanting to boost Wreckfest
  10. Thanks for the video BadDriver. Will be playing this soon.
  11. That was it. Ty. Now I'm trying to get the last location on amberemere. It north of rogues hollow fast travel.
  12. I'm having a bit of issues with getting the trophy for all name locations in Pandora. It states I have one missing for the entire planet but every location states I have found them when I select each area and then press L3. It's also showing area progress as 92 or 84 percent when everything is done. Am I the only one noticing this or having this issue? If you've had issues and found a work around then please let us know. Probably going to try and email gearbox sooner or later.
  13. I found the easiest way to do this. When have the option to get in the truck or escape on the prison mission after you kill the warden. Go to the gate and punch one of the guys in the face raising an alarm. Wait about a minute for them to start coming. They will keep spawning untill you leave the area.
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