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  1. Continue as normal. I have now started replaying the missions again in Veteran and they are now registering as finished in Veteran. Not sure what glitched before. Theoretically when I replay last one in Veteran will take the trophy
  2. Yes In mission select only the two first missions are shown as completed in Veteran. All the others have no Difficulty level completed info at all
  3. I have finished the campaign on Veteran but did not receive the The Tip Of The Spear Trophy. When I go to see the individual missions I can see only the first two are shown as completed in Veteran, the others does not show anything on which difficulty were done. Anyone has seen this?
  4. I have a question about the trait cheats. On the guide it does not mention if the testingcheats true need to be entered or not. Assuming it should be entered and the console shows Cheats are enabled. When entering a cheat and pressing L2 should I see something at the console? For example entering traits.equip_trait SteelBladder and pressing L2 what should I see? Finally it mentions that to exit the cheat console you need to press L2 R2 L1 R1 again. This does not work on me. The only way I have found to close the console is by pressing O
  5. Good to hear this, I thought the power failure corrupted something on the online Most probably they are tweaking it.
  6. I started the online with the character creation and the initial cut scenes. Then I had a power failure. Now that the power is back when I go to the Online Beta it says coming soon. Can someone confirms if the online is working currently?
  7. Downloaded the new update and since then already twice today I had to close the game completly as it was totally unplayable. Moves were totally jerky, like having 1 fps or worse. Does anyone else have seen this?
  8. Tried to pre order the digital version today from EU store and when I select to pay I am getting a "We've encountered an error while processing your order. Please try again later." I bought the BF V preorder without issues the same time.
  9. I have acquired all the updates for all characters and have unlocked all indivdial characters upgrade trophies. However the Show me the money has not unlocked. Am I missing something?
  10. Need the 3 quests with a friend. Psn id Macee_ Gmt +3
  11. Take a look at youtube to see if this might be interesting to you. If you like it there buy it
  12. It's there again. Maybe the took it down because the pre order price discount had expired. Now up @ the normal price
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