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  1. so i think mine is now 535...... such a stupid ass trophy
  2. Looking for the wanted and kill trophies and revive if possible dz06lt USA ET can do day or evening after 7pm
  3. Nice to see you post that you’re back. Please know how exciting that is to hear. Let’s stay positive and enjoy our gaming. A better year to come. 

  4. Welcome back dz06lt my man, and merry Christmas. You just need your old brotherhood of steal avatar and everything will be back to "normal"

  5. does anyone anywhere have a list of the highest scores or times are?? this game does a real shit job of helping you out
  6. looking here as well dz06lt EDT currently 639pm
  7. 13 for PS and 7 for xbox

  8. yeah ive got it looking forward to it, so many games still in wrappers its frustrating lol

  9. I cant get the blacksmith to craft? the flawless items are in the queue but the bar isn't moving. Any ideas?
  10. So I assume you got passed AC. Any other games? Are you going to get the new solo Star Wars?

  11. im going to be starting this soon if anyone is still arounf
  12. You need to get fired up. Real-life is a bitch though.

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