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  1. Totally agree that you need to use the strategy that works for you. I wasted so many hours trying to defeat the final wave exactly like the speedrunners... just couldn't get that first grenade toss just right to spawn-kill the first set of balls.. then even if I did survive the balls I could never be consistent on the "bogey manipulation" timing.. I'd complete one cycle on alpha and then would either get killed by bravo or screw up the cycle and get destroyed by alpha. Finally accepted I didn't have the skills for upclose and personal and instead "jumped around" a lot. Boost-dodging with LFE for the balls.. then boost-dodging with lock-on laser for the bogeys. Still tough and plenty of deaths, but got through it. Sometimes abandoning an old strategy is the best way to find a new one.
  2. I had a similar experience! Hated it at first and quit at the first argus battle in Act 1. Didn't enjoy it all - but that's because I was holding on to old cover-based shooter tropes. It's such a different animal, but I didn't understand it at first. So I put it down for SEVEN YEARS. Picked it back up a few months ago and loved it. Such a satisfying (and challenging) plat. Well worth it - but if you don't have the most amazing skills (like me) then you need lots of patience.
  3. I'd say this is at least an 8 or a 9, depending on how well you jive with the "action style" of the game and how easily you can let go of gears-of-war, cover-based shooter mechanics, which obviously DO NOT WORK in this game. This game is a different animal entirely, and it's a blast. Just takes some getting used to. Challenge 6 (and to a lesser degree 4) is really rough. Takes some insane creativity and mastery to complete without video guides... and even with guides it takes undying determination and quite a bit of finesse. I'd say there's a bit of luck involved, but not as much as people complain about. Even without the speedrun skillz, persistence, patience and practice will net you the plat eventually. And what a joy.
  4. Voted 36-50, but probably was more. Challenge 6 was obviously the biggest time sink (although I found Challenge 4 pretty difficult as well). Spent at least 30 hours just on Challenge 6 - eureka moment came when I stopped trying to master the speedrun tactics and went for a longer but less skillful approach (boost-dodging with lock-on laser). All in all a very satisfying platinum to add to my collection - and so nice that the rarity of the trophy is not based on any long and drawn-out MP!
  5. Kept this on my backlog for too long! Just finished the campaign and despite the fact that it relies too heavily on a silly Hollywood action tropes, it was very Enjoyable. Bummed not to be able to add this platinum to my collection but hey still a good game and worth my time :-)
  6. EDIT: George/Beast and I got the plat and so are no longer boosting. Thanks also to David_RE4br for his help
  7. EDIT: George/Beast and I got the plat and so are no longer boosting. Thanks also to David_RE4br for his help George125 and I will be teaming up tomorrow, Sunday 7am GMT+2. Hope some other interested boosters will join us
  8. EDIT: George/Beast and I got the plat and so are no longer boosting. Thanks also to David_RE4br for his help Serious booster looking for partners committed to getting the online trophies: -Start Me Up -In Good Form -Out Of Reach -World Beater PSN: br8ssmunky Timezone: GMT+2
  9. Have setup a session in psnprofiles this Friday 5 April for Kingpin, by far the biggest boosting challenge given the coordination and number of players required! Please join if you wanna get this darn trophy sorted and ticked off yer list EDIT: got the trophy and the 100 percent so no longer boosting. Thanks to all who helped
  10. Attack on illuminates home planet NOW.. 30hrs left!
  11. totally! There’s a war for the final illuminate planet it right now… Let’s hope people on the weekend will pick up the pace otherwise it’s our loss and no trophy
  12. anybody up for getting the online trophy? servers are dead - no one is online
  13. Definitely a 7.. some of the challenges take quite a lot if repetition (and luck). Online is more patience than skill... gets old fast. Thank goodness for the offline xp grinding method on industrial run. All in all a (mostly) fun arcade racer... too bad I'll forever be just one glitch away from platinum. Lame of ea not to patch the security flaw but it's an old game and I haven't seen ea get much flak online except for a few trophy aficionados.. alas I'd wager we're a minority when it comes to the user base of this kind of game
  14. Only advice is to study platinum runs on YouTube and be sure you have the optimum cars unlocked for each challenge. Good luck
  15. How about how when you continue a guerilla run after quitting, it restarts you with level 1 weapons and a fraction of the items you had been hoarding from previous waves? I got to level 50 solo, but had to restart from 41 instead of 49 since the crappy guns on offer weren't gonna cut it (i found ultimax + vector best for solo runs).. not to mention a measily 2 claymores, 5 frags and 4 incidiary.. by the time you get to the 30s they should let you choose any weapon and stock you up on 'nades... Of course none of this solo b.s. would be necessary if the game would just let me connect with the people that want to play co-op.. instead the region issue seems to have dumped me with COD-fanatics who only play MP like mindless idiots. Nobody wants to collaborate. Such a shame
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