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  1. Thank you for the video guides! I was wondering if you have a guide for the "Mass Ejection" trophy?
  2. Looking at three different trophy guides (including the one on this site), and they all say for the "You Rang?" trophy, you gotta purchase Typhon Powers (to spawn a Nightmare), then later make use of Human Abilities (Repair III), which will then offer the player a few TranScribes. How is this compatible with either of the two playthroughs detailed in the roadmap? You need to purchasing both Typhon Powers and Human Abilities, which makes the playrthrough useless for "Split Affinity". And you can't just reload the save because you need to keep those TranScribes as part of collecting them all during a playthrough for "Psychometry". Can someone please explain how to deal with this? Thanks.
  3. Amazing work earning the platinum trophy, and even more so writing this guide. Great stuff and congratulations!
  4. Thanks for the reply. I realised I was mistaken. There's actually a "[sQUAD UPGRADE]" tag beside most of the weapons and armour when looking at the menus in Engineering. I thought that meant that you need to purchase Squad Upgrade before being able to use these equipment. But in fact, I think the tag is just there to distinguish them from consumables. Cheers for that tip! Very useful.
  5. So I'm attempting a playthrough without purchasing a Squad Upgrade for "The Few and the Proud" trophy... I discovered that it's not only the number of squad members that's limited, but a lot of the weapon/armour upgrades are also prohibited due to them needing Squad Upgrade as a prerequisite. Does anyone have any tips on how to best approach this? (P.S. I just saw on YouTube a guy running the same trophy, but had high level weaponry for all his dudes... So now I'm a little confused.)
  6. Please let us know if you hear back from Campo Santo regarding the trophy glitch. I've actually also sent them a couple messages too, hoping to raise their awareness. Thank you!
  7. I've actually read that review before! Awesome that you write both reviews and guides. I write a feature once in a while. Have always been quite the completionist when it comes to trophies though.
  8. Hey, thanks very much for putting together this guide! Was interested in this game, but wasn't keen on jumping into the silence since no one seems to be talking about it, much less provide guidance on things.
  9. Finished earning 100 Turtle Goals (upside-down), trophies back to 100%. Hope this is the last DLC for the game!!
  10. I got my certified item after 30 hours. It's for "upside-down goals", though I think juggles is worse.
  11. This is the first time that I'm NOT enjoying Rocket League. Whoever set these droprates + trophies up should be fired. We should all spam the game's suggestion forum: Psyonix Forums
  12. Hi, does anyone know how to earn stars on the victory banner? I noticed stars the first time that I played, but I think after trying out "Sleepytime" (which switched me from a 4-player game to 2-player game), the stars disappeared. And now, no matter what mode I play, no matter how many times I reset the game, and even try it on different accounts, I can't get the stars to appear anymore... Really frustrating and out of ideas. Any help is greatly appreciated! EDIT: Figured it out. The stars actually only appear if you consistently win several games.
  13. Ahh, I just assumed hollowing means less health due to past games in the series. Well, if that's the case, hollowing doesn't really make the game harder then, especially when you can still use an Ember to gain that 30% extra health when needed. Thanks, guys, for clearing that up.
  14. I'm seeking a few answers, if anyone's has knowledge of the hollowing mechanic (from talking to Yoel)... 1. If I'm going for the Usurpation ending, do I have to avoid curing hollowing (remove Dark Sigils using the Firekeeper) for the WHOLE playthrough? Or is there a point where I can rid myself of hollowing permanently and still be able to continue and finish the quest? 2. Am I correct to assume that the more you die, the more hollowed you get (and that your health's maximum become lower and lower)? How much health do you lose per death (e.g. 5% per death)? Is there a limit (e.g. you health will stop getting lower at 50%)? Many thanks for any help. Info on this is rather scarce at the moment.
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