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  1. Hey sorry for being real late on this, it`s about 700-800MB I believe.

  2. How big is the MSG: Battle Operation?

  3. Anyone can add me for online games or chats at: GuiltyPersona Languages: *English *Japanese Online Games I`m currently playing: Gundam Battle Operation, .Hack//, and UMvC3.
  4. 4 Years already!? Awesome!! Congratulations to the staff!! PSN: GuiltyPersona
  5. Me and a friend bought a Vita at a Midnight store on Friday Night/Saturday Morning and we`ve added a first impressions of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and also an unboxing. We plan to do the following every so often (maybe once a week): A games first Impressions, Said games Q&A and Said games Review. Please subscribe to us and ask us any questions about certain games or the Vita itself! ^^ PSVitals's Channel - YouTube Please enjoy fellow Playstation fans !!
  6. Haha, i used google for this.

  7. I lent my friend a copy of SSFIV and while waiting for it back just playing some SSFIV Arcade Edition with my Data card at the local Arcades.
  8. My favourite character from Gyakuten Saiban/Kenji (Ace Attourney/Prosecutor)
  9. I still have my 360 in England, but when I moved here (where the PS3 dominates the battle against the 360 for hardcore gaming) the games on the PS3 were games I knew of from previous Sony consoles or games that were pushed on the PS3 here rather than the 360. Would have both if the social/gaming side of 360 was pushed here.
  10. Congratulations and Happy New Year Dangles and staff!! Some really interesting questions which give us more insight into Dangles
  11. Yeah Final Fantasay XIV will be a monthly payment. I`m looking forward to Ryuu ga Gotoku of the End mainly!!
  12. I just finished the Battle Royale novel in Japanese, any recommendations for any horror or detective novels?
  13. No new PSN updates nor PS+ updates till Jan 4th as fellow posters have stated
  14. America and Europe have trouble with the fact PS3 is losing to the 360, whereas in Japan the 360 has been hardly bought. in Statistical levels, 75-80% are Sonys ownage with just the PS3 in the console wars (against 360 only, Wii does not count) whereas the 360 own 20-25% of the ownage in Japan. Many Japanese gamers who own a 360 also own a PS3 in their household or only buy games from foreign stores over the net or through import stores, therefore Japan have a low percentage of Xbox owners to PS3 owners still.
  15. Mine was a Dead Space one on my old nam but on my current name I believe it was a Ryu ga gotoku 3 one!
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