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  1. There used to be a newspaper in NY call The World and they were the first to sponsor the Series or something like that.
  2. Im quite old and didnt grow up with computers and have to learn everything as i go , i care a great deal about security , but if hackers get in the psn and other high level companies then who the hell do i think iam to stop them. i only put my ps3 in dmz when i play red dead then turn it off , believe me if i can just get nat2 all the time without that i would , you never defined a problem so i could only tell you about mine. Now if you want to give me a lesson on routers modems port settings etc im more than willing to learn ,cheers mate.
  3. if your having connection problems it might be your NAT type , RDR is the only game i have to change my NAT type , i have a NAT 3 for all games but RDR it works fine but to play with others on red dead i have to change my NAT setting to NAT 2 by putting my PS3 in DMZ , its a pain because when i do that i cant use my computer and that sucks. it was a pain when i first started playing because i would go online and be the only person on the map , then i found it was my NAT 3 causing problems , found out how to change it and now i connect fine with everybody , hope this helps as disconnects and such are a pain.
  4. I would just like say thank you to :applause:Pvt_Rain:applause: for putting the Kingpin boosting session together. Everthing went good considering how many of us there was , a bunch of us also boosted other trophies including papapa poker ace , i know 2 for sure who did not get it so hoping to help them get it as well. juha123456:applause: danny_tam88:applause: ZL_Ando:applause: kcurlsjr:applause: renato980:applause: JohnnyRPA:applause: Micheinemann:applause: Dazzafett:applause: Conorfett:applause: princerouge:applause: Huntkillburyfinn:applause: Thanks to all above , im now 100% and i wasnt expecting to be after yesterdays session , so that was a very nice bonus , if i missed anybody im sorry as everyone was great.
  5. have 2 other friends on my list that would also like to join. JohnnyRPA princerouge
  6. ok im in , see you all around 3pm. 1:Pvt_Rain 2:juha123456 3:danny_tam88 4:ZL_Ando 5:kcurlsjr 6:renato980 7:comegetakuma 8:Micheinemann 9: DiableRouge-
  7. pezexcell Call it a comeback and Headhunter can be done with just 2 people. need the trophies below,timezone gmt-5. Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace Who Needs Deadeye? Legion of Boom Kingpin
  8. I dont even leave mine on , and like underclasshero13 when i turned the game back on this afternoon i had an xtra 100k. Big thanks to my main crew underclasshero13 and manifest-density.
  9. Im not to sure how you mean , but if you load your game from the auto save slot then go to a save point and save you are basically saving the autosave to a new slot right.
  10. met some good friends grinding it , and i just got the platinum well worth it and not as bad as you may think:devil:
  11. the same thing happened to a friends ps3 he went out and bought a new one but

    fallout 3 was still in the old ps3 , i looked up some videos on utube and found this



    did everything as he did and it fixed his machine , this was the second time

    his machine broke cost $150 for sony to fix only cost us $20 for a heat gun.

    hope u get sorted soon.Diable

  12. ok found out,the stat was turned off in the beginning, obviously very early as the highest is 17.
  13. does anybody know how to get an assist,looked but cant find any info on this.
  14. no idea but glad we finally got it,lvl 43,7 to go,happy to boost anytime im on.
  15. i still need to lvl up and get metro DLC trophies,US only till update saga gets sorted.
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