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  1. If player 2 can’t login to their PS account, then I consider that a major fail. For zombies in Black Ops 3 you can, so I’d expect the same with this game.
  2. Where you at homie? I watched Pure Country with George Straight the other day made me think of you lol

  3. I think it's interesting how lots of people are saying its a MW3 clone. It's nothing like Modern Warfail 3 at all. So far I like everything about except it seems the maps are smaller than first Blops. Other than that I like the new score streaks and Nuketown zombies is awesome. Transit seems to be challenging so far. But haven't played with the best team yet, so we'll see how it goes. I also like all the stats that are now tracked when you play zombies. Elite now being free is awesome to. Way to go Treyarch.
  4. So I downloaded a couple demo's from steam and they gave me scores, but what good is the scores if I have nothing to compare them to? My scores are below 3DMark 11 3DMark Vantage Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. It only looks somewhat shitty on PS3. Looks gorgeous on my awesome PC.
  6. Guess you're one of the people that think not encrypting our personal info was not a a big deal. Well I can assure you it is. Sony took advantage of my trust in them by not encrypting it. So, you can be damn sure I will take full advantage of them.
  7. if the Japanese can change their name for a price and I can't then I call discrimination!!! I would love to change my name!!! I'd pay a $100 to do it if I could!!
  8. COD Classic & Homefront. I like Homefront more cause so far it is a very rare plus I was 6th in the world to get it!! Complete all other trophies for Homefront April 7, 2011, 12:22:00am UTC+00:00 It took 22 days, 3 hours, 34 minutes, 12 seconds to achieve this platinum 70 of 7,394 (0.95%) users, have earned this trophy. Estimated Difficulty: Impossible
  9. do what they always do. show that they are the console to have when it comes to awesome exclusive games. from what i can tell, the majority of "fans" Sony lost are just COD fanboys. since all they play is COD it's not that much of a loss. pretty sad that some people out there couldn't last 24 days without playing COD. actually it's pathetic to spend $300 on a game console just to play a FPS series.
  10. I find this hard to believe since Duck360 is a member here. A well known account sharer. Besides what he is talking about is not the same. There is a big difference between game sharing and account sharing. I never let my friends play games on my account. i really don't see how they have a right to ban me here for what i do in my personal life. if i have my account on 2 personal friends ps3's. it's my business not theirs. over at yourgamercards.net they say the don't ban people like hackoom and duck360 because it is not against the rules. they say they have read through all the rules and it doesn't say you can't do it. just seems to be frowned upon is all and that's understandable.
  11. Considering you get a free month of Playstation+ you can take advantage of the online game save back up feature. You can back up any and all saves including protected ones.
  12. i have my account on 2 personal friends PS3's and have for a couple of years. Banning me for such a thing tells me they don't want me to be their customer. I think game sharing is more of a problem when you don't personally know the person and they live in another state/country.
  13. Sweet! Thanks man! Now I just gotta wait for all the damn error messages to go away. I'm sure the servers are going to be over loaded big time this weekend.
  14. has anyone confirmed if you can account share these games? I have 2 accounts and want to know if i'll be able to get infamous, LBP and Wipeout.
  15. I've had 2 very bad sunburns in my life. One was in 6th grade, memorial weekend and the local pool just opened. Got burned so bad i had to sleep sitting up!! You know how hard that is? Anytime I slightly moved I'd waking up in some serious pain. The second time was 18 years old and went to Salt River in Arizona for memorial day. I had sunscreen all over my body except on my shins. I was a manager at a fast food place at the time and had to call in to work cause I literally could not walk. I had 2nd degree burns and was in some serious fucking pain! Luckily I found this stuff called Aloe Vista and boy was that some awesome shit!! Aloe Vera buy itself is a joke for a burn like this, but this Aloe Vista was a mix of Aloe Vera and something else and it ended up making things a lot more bearable pain wise. The next day went to work and the owner wanted to see how a sunburn was so bad I couldn't work. I showed him my legs and he was shocked to see my shins a bright red shade of lobster. He said I should go to the doctors! But fuck that! I handled it. Fuckin' sucked though.
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