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  1. If it's to do with the amount of people around the laptop then I can't see me getting past this part anytime soon, what a shame
  2. I've had little connectivity issues but have come across a bug at the very start in the safe-house where I can't verify my identification on the laptop. I hold down square and my character does the typing animation but nothing happens. I've heard logging back in/out works but not for me. Incredibly frustrating.
  3. Would be appreciated if anyone could help me with the exo survivor trophy. psn weephilymcvey. GMT0
  4. I got a couple of bronze gift packs and a few silver gift packs, hoping for better tomorrow.
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Edit: Just need I Voted PSN - weephilymcvey GMT0 PS4 EU Version
  7. TWAU is a brilliant game anyway cant go much wrong with it! I'm sure the other two would be great too but as you say TWAU is out in full and that's a big bonus as it sucks waiting for the next episode to come out esp if there is delays.
  8. With the guide it still took me around 12 hours never skipped text!
  9. 1/10 with the guide, without it I admit I would have been stumped in a few places. Nice game didn't like the ending though!
  10. I have a Southampton Squad (minus Clyne) and I love it. Also equally love my Serbian squad! Serbia have some great players for not a massive amount of money so that may interest you.
  11. I received an email from gamestop.ie with a code for 'FUT Pack' along with some catalogue items and I just got the one gold pack from them!
  12. This is such a disappointment/disgrace Hurry up and patch this EA!!
  13. Mini Silver... Just a few players off completing my squad though (Gone with a Southampton set up this time round for me 1st team, I like a lot of their players)
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