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    A proud father
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    Brighton (UK)
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    My son, Ps3 & Football
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    Being a father

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    Fifa 15
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    Fifa 13
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    35 platinum's

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  1. Would like to join a club. Psn is ub4of uk timzone. I am driver level 16
  2. Hey guys, add me for any help with trophies. Psn ub4of
  3. Thanks guys. Had lots of fun, and can not wait until next years now as i will have a ps4
  4. Congrats on winning the PS3 FIFA tournament!

  5. Have nascarjr88 and GameExpert still not played there game yet?
  6. Progenitor 2-4 ub4of ub4of 3-2 Progenitor We both played as Real Madrid. Good games mate and best of luck.
  7. I can confirm these. Good games mate and best of luck to you too.
  8. Cheers for the heads up. Just signed myself up .
  9. Count me in. PSN - ub4of Console - PS3
  10. I also need to get these online trophies. Mostly on between 12am - 4am UK time. ub4of
  11. Awesome stuff, thank you very much. x
  12. Avatar/Signature: Both Text: "Try and stop me" along with my username Render/Image: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2014/210/d/8/diego_costa___render_by_achrafgfx-d7sr5bz.png Size: within site limits Thanks very much x
  13. Hey, took me about 2 hours on a 40mb connection. But my ps3 usually only downloads at about 10mb

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