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  1. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m on version 1.29 and I have access to the Comrades Multiplayer Mode still in the base game. Just as a point of reference, I got the original vanilla version, bought the Expansion Pass, installed everything as it came out, and updated from 1.12 to 1.29. When I go to play the Comrades mode it tells me I can download the stand alone version, but I just say no and everything works fine. Maybe I’m the exception...
  2. Looking to boost all the multiplayer trophies. DLC included. I'm free Sunday-Tuesday and very briefly during the evening on Wednesday-Saturday. I live in UTC -11. PSN ID: PsienceWins If you send a friend request just make sure you put something like "AC:R" in the body.
  3. Votes 50 hours. I've got everything expect the 500K kills and I'm at roughly 200k kills in about 24 hours of play time.
  4. I'm going to throw my hat in the ring here for boosting the online trophies. Based on the guide from our sister site at xboxacievements.org looks like it can be done in an afternoon. Just takes some grinding. Looks like we'd need 4 people for the 4 Player Survival trophy. Then split off into teams of two for the player kills trophy. Apparently the quitting out method doesn't work for boosting the 200 wins. I have Ultimate Samson for the Survival maps. PSN: PsienceWins
  5. This is some of the best news I'be heard! I heard about the server shutdown too late to really complete the online portion (39/100 stars), but since you can do it offline and get the trophies I'm golden. Thank you rave souls who tried this first.
  6. Looking to boost all MP trophies before the game servers close. PSN: PsienceWins
  7. Has anyone emailed Blizzard about this yet? That's the real question.
  8. Genji for sure. The ability to get behind the enemy, knock out a sniper or healer, and get out real quick creating an opportunity for my team to kill the tank is so technical, rewarding, and most importantly fun. Plus being able to kill turrets and Bastion with the deflection ability really makes me happy.
  9. It is super cool of you. I feel like you'd need more reserved spaced though. Thanks for the help either way.
  10. Trophy got. I'm 100% on the PS4 version. Maybe I'll some of you on the PS3 version.
  11. Got it done. Thanks for the help Randomness184.
  12. Edit: Realized there is an actual boosting thread.
  13. Still glad I finished GTAIV. Slowly working on RDR, but it doesn't seem like it will be affected as badly.
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