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    Co op gamer.
    No mp games. Love Saint's Row, music, movies, and my wonderful family of 4 kids.
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    Kansas City (GMT-6) Home of the Chiefs
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    Central Standard Time GMT-6
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    Travel, movies and my wonderful wife.
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    Wealth Management & Real Estate

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    Sniper Elite V2 Remastered for fun
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    Complete all games going forward to 100%.
    Enjoy the game or do not play it.

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  1. 99.3% That's the highest I remember it in quiet some time. Could be better. Enjoy your journey.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoQudo27ECM
  3. 2000 games completed. Yet another goal achieved. Excited about that milestone. 2008 total games played.
  4. Got 2 characters on Outriders to level 50.
  5. Sitting at 54 today. Happy with that but still can get it lower.
  6. Bought the physical copy of Spongebob on Vita. Buy and play all you can matti. It's an amazing little handheld console.
  7. Thanks for adding me and causing someone to smile. In these dark times, I love smiling.
  8. Very well tracks for sure Ash. Congrats on the success! The most detailed gaming person I know. Keep it up and enjoy your new year Naps. You have really done well with games and your % Midnight. 1960 total completed 1968 total played.
  9. Sad to see Robin go. He has always been a great help on the site and also co op gaming. Congrats to you @Viper for the new role.
  10. Ended the year at 99.92%. The 99.9 is good enough. I have a few things I'd still like to clean up but in no hurry. May each of you enjoy the year and have fun with your gaming.
  11. Well hopefully we will have someone take these over. Always enjoyed posting here. Miss the various leaderboards like this that are none traditional leaderboards. Have fun out there.
  12. Finally found a new game to just play for fun.  After getting the Outriders plat and dlc done, this is the game that I just play for entertainment.  It's a great game for 2 or 3 ppl to play together.  Find something like this for you.

  13. More games: 107 plats Sakura Nova EU PS4 and 5 Halloween Candy Break H2H EU Space Break H2H EU Christmas Break H2H EU Bowling EU Zippy Circle 11,12,13 EU Quick Mafs PS5 EU 10 Shinrai AS PS4 and PS5 Trails and Traces EU Venus Improbable Dream PS4 and PS5 Racing Bros EU PS5 Space Break 2 EU BFF or Die JP Donut Break 2 H2H EU Bowling story 1 mark story EU Nowhere Girl EU PS4 and PS5 20 Motogp 14 Dungeon Escape NA, AS, EU, JP all PS5 Dungeon Escape JP Don't Touch this button EU PS4 and PS5 Shinrai EU PS4 and PS5 30 Donut Break 2 H2H NA Space Break 2 H2H NA Christmas Break H2H NA Castle of No Escape Finger Fitness NA, AS, EU all PS5 Ghost Sweeper Whiskey's Mafia Leo's Family NA, EU 31 Twenty Bunnies EU PS4 and PS5 Pig D NA, EU PS4 same for PS5 Would you like to run and idol cafe? EU PS4 and PS5 Gyong PS4 and PS5 40 BFF or Die AS Hentai Vs Evil JP PS4 and ps5 Would you like to run and idol Cafe NA PS4 and 5 Twenty Bunnies NA PS4 and 5 Ancient Stories NA Vasilis NA OutRiders 50 Bullet Beat NA Avoid them NA Sushi Run H2H NA PS4 and 5 Sushi Break H2H NA PS4 and 5 Cyberian AS, NA Venus Improbable Dream PS4 and 5 51 Reminisence of the night NA PS4 and 5 Memories of East Coast EU PS4 and 5 Sushi Run EU PS4 and 5 62 Void Gore NA, EU, JP, AS on PS4 and 5 A Year of Springs JP, EU PS4 and 5 Bullet Beat EU 70 Zero Zero Zero NA, EU, AS Start the Party EU Santa's Workshop NA, EU PS4 and 5 83 Drizzlepath NA, EU, AS, JP all PS4 and 5 Memories of East Coast NA PS4 and 5 Tanks vs Tanks PvP NA and EU Bell Lab AS PS4 and 5 95 Space Kabaam NA, EU, AS PS4 and PS5 Whiskey Mafia Leo's family AS Aborigenus AS 101 A Year of Springs NA, AS PS4 and 5 Night Lights NA PS5 Ice Cream Break NA PS4 and PS5 Christmas Run EU Christmas Break EU Circus Pocus
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