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  1. I'm expecting that when the day does come, we'll still be able to download items from our library. BUT... in the event that's not the case and it's just over, then at minimum to make me content I'd expect a 1 year heads-up. I'd love a going-out-of-business sale (from then until the end) on top of that, but a 1 year heads-ups is the absolute minimum I would reflect on and say, "Yeah, alright, it was bound to happen at some point and they did right by me." But yeah, we'll still be able to download through our library when the time does come. From what I remember: when the wii shop closed, you could still do exactly that. I'd like to THINK that the ultra-successful Sony could spare the money to make that happen. Either way, I've got 221 games I've spent years saying I'll play and the sooner they make an official statement, the more time I'll have to make a definite choice in how I spend my time.
  2. Destruction AllStars is up early; I'm downloading it now. EDIT: Alright, apparently it's because I'm in Australia. Looks like all the PS+ games are live if you search for them... thought D:AS was released early as a special thing.
  3. I've been around for over a decade now apparently, but I returned when the site updated. Took maybe 2 days to get used to the changes and I think it's much better than before. I just wanted to say that. Because I've seen the people in charge copping some real heat for the changes and at this point, it's baffling. The teething stage is over; you've got teeth now, learn to chew. The food is better now. And +1 to the people who had no idea that manual checklists would be such a hot topic of discussion. In all my time using this site, not one person mentioned them. Not one single person in a decade.
  4. I just need Uncharted: Lost Legacy to come onto the service. Been a button away from buying it for years now, but it's just so obviously going to end up on PS+ one day. Need them to finally pull the trigger, because I know that if I did buy it, that's the month it'd come up.
  5. Voting 3. It's short, cute and fun, but half the trophies require pinpoint perfection. Longest trophy to earn was Laser Technician which I don't even think I earned on time (the battery was completely drained) and Flawless, which took several attempts and was tiresome because you have to restart the level completely if you fail, thus seeing the animations, hearing the same noises, etc. Overall fun little game, but if I wasn't determined to milk the Vita for as many trophies as I can get I wouldn't bother.
  6. About 2 1/2 hours. A few of the trophies took me several attempts, the longest being for Laser Technician. When I finally did it, the valve's battery had completely drained so I might've just finished in time. Was worried I'd be stuck there for a lot longer.
  7. Took me around 50 minutes, reading everything and digesting it. I think it's really well written but 50 minutes of that text sound was... yeesh, poor choice for SFX there.
  8. Voting 1 as well. Sure, there's missables, but you only have to interact with certain things or people to get them all and the game World is so small that if you just interact with everything you'll get 100% (though only add an extra 5-10 minutes).
  9. My first THL, I literally ran out of games to play by the end of it. Now, because of PS+ I've racked up 300+ games I feel the need to drain of trophies... and I must prioritize the PS+ games because they're only 'temporary' since they're conditional on the membership. It was bad enough getting through as many PS3 games as possible, before the PS5 launched but last week I bought myself a PS Vita, so I've just added 100+ to my backlog. So, in order of attack my goals are as follows: - Complete all Vita trophies I can. I'm going to start with the easiest/quickest ones and work my way up. There's a few games that are available to stack that I've already done on console, so I'll be doing that, but I won't be buying ANY new Vita games, just playing the ones that came with it and the PS+ backlog. Once I'm done, I can sell the system and move on to... - Complete all PS3 trophies I can. This has been a LONG time coming, because I wanted to be finished with the PS3 before I picked up the PS4... and we're now another generation ahead. There's still a good 100+ games to go through there, but there's a ton of actual good games I've been wanting to play for several years so the only downside is the dead multiplayer, since apparently you can use the PS5 controller which fixes my aversion to the wobbly analog sticks of my PS3 controllers. When I've finished (which, let's face it, will never happen) I can format the system and retire it for good. - Once the Vita and PS3 are finished I move onto the PS4 backlog (though I'll still be playing 4+5 inbetween trophy hunting of course). Largest backlog I own with 200+ games, but again tons of really good games waiting to be played. Thankfully because of backwards compatibility I'll be able to play most of this on my PS5. - Once that's done in 12 trillion years I'll finally reach my happy place: only playing the games I want and whatever comes up on PS+ each month. Once I passed 100 platinum's I stopped caring about Plat totals and overall trophy numbers, I really just want to cross all these games off my list. One thing I've always wanted, though, is to hit and maintain 95% completion rating. I'm not sure if that will be possible considering all of the old online trophies, but I'll give it a shot. So it's a war of attrition I've chosen. Like I've said, there's no chance this will be done or frankly it would have already. Games simply get added to the list faster than I can play them. But at this point I can't go back to just playing games for 'fun'; it's either knock them off my list and make room for the good ones, or simply quit gaming altogether.
  10. Merry Xmas Dinos my man

  11. I'm shocked at how low the difficulty ratings are from most people. Sure, I didn't have much trouble with anything but there's tons of people out there that would see the low difficulty and get their ass handed to them. Reflexes are numero uno; if you don't have good ones: skip this game. You're constantly making decisions; changing colours, interacting with misc. obstacles; changing lanes. The saving graces are the checkpoints and only needing to earn 50% of the stars, which means anyone can clear that part of the game, with time. Some of the misc. trophies can be more difficult, as you have to break your learning (in some cases do the exact opposite), but not a problem with a bit of practice. Finally, the bosses... well, the final boss is the big difficulty here. His 3rd and final stage leaves absolutely no room for error. You get less than a second to react to his actions and getting a shot on his shield is hard enough (he's constantly throwing bombs, so you usually need to use yours to take it out), but then you need to follow-up with a second bomb in the correct lane before it regenerates. But hey, just use the pause trick and glitches and ignore all the difficulty and effort! Game was tremendously fun and I'm giving it 6/10 for difficulty.
  12. Took me probably 6-7 hours. I picked the gameplay up immediately. Lost some time unlocking bonus levels because I thought you had to for the 'rescue all the Toki's' trophy. Biggest time sink was easily the final boss; not only completing it with all characters which took 15-20 minutes minimum each, but then getting through it without dying. Highly recommend!
  13. It only took me a little over an hour, so I'd have to agree it's 'easy'... but it's not. If you get a bad run or don't make the right choices (puzzle photo you choose, puzzle piece luck) you could easily double that time, or even triple it. Right from the start the 'find faces in your environment' wouldn't work for me when I tried to be creative, so I just drew faces on pieces of paper to get it done. Because of that, when the sliding puzzles came around I just wrote numbers 1-15 on paper and arranged them, to make completing the puzzles easier. It still isn't possible to complete, though, without luck... my winning time was 27 second on the 15pc puzzle and that certainly wasn't skill. So I'm going with a 3. Easy game? Sure, but you could be sitting there for hours if things aren't on your side.
  14. Took me 1h 7m, but that really could've stretched out at several moments, like with the Slider puzzles. You need to make an easy enough puzzle to get the job done, understand how the mechanics work and get lucky enough with the random placing of pieces.
  15. Hi Abel, I noticed in your trophy thread that you've been going through Jurassic Park over the last few months. Did you already have them downloaded before they pulled them? I can't find the games on the PS store through browser or console.



    1. NightmareAbel210


      Hey, I have them in a long time ago, have you use PlayStation App on your phone? I checked it on my phone, I think they got delisted now, I found them on there, but their prices are not shown up.

    2. BloodyFistHole


      Cheers, mate.


      It's a long shot, but I'll download the app and see if I can find anything.

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