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  1. Not boosting related, but where can i ffind the Maelstorm DLC on ps store? There are 16 total DLC's but none of them are the Maelstorm EDIT: Got it. the DLC called Isle of Siptah. Now 2022, july 22, you can save 20% off on PS Store
  2. How many players required to play online pvp?
  3. Hi all! I have a question. The scorching DLC is free or you have to buy to play it? Thank you!
  4. Voted 1/10 or the difficulty and 0-9 minutes for the time to 100% Took me 3ish minutes Isn't there a PS4 version for this? Because i did on PS4.
  5. I didnt't find a releveant topic for this, so i made one. Before i get in the details, i'm playing the PS3 version(later i'm planning to do the PS4 version as well) In the game there's MB, which mostly can be used to buy new FOB bases(4 or 5 is the maimum) Depends on the resource research rate costs around 450+ to 660(?) MB points. Or speed up your research time. These MB points can be purchased with real money, via PS Store, or you can earn 15-30 MB points via daily loggins as a reward, but rarly. Mostly you get GMP or resources. I started to play the game at the end of january 2022 and when i earned MB points it storede normaly and ehen i had enough, i bought a new FOB base. but now from a month and a half ago, these earned MB points not stored anymore Not like is this the end of the world, but kinda weird til now it worked and now it's glitched or something. I understand the game is old enough get retired( at least the online part, because the SP part is evergreen) I dont know much from the PS4 version. I wonder if there stil get stored your MB points. If someone can confirmed that, that would be great
  6. I'm starting the game right noww with full patch, online. Hope i can earn the online trophy and the two Nuke trophy via online connection. Wish me luck EDIT: Just got the online trophies. I'm almost platinum the game. Just 4-5 tophies left.
  7. This can be qiute annoying. But you, admins should now who's trolling.
  8. For difficulty, voted 3/10 with bots on asia server(without bots can be 5+/10) As for the time i voted 13 hour and 18 minutes I just wonder, who was that person who voted 10/10 on both time and difficulty?
  9. Nice. I'm also against these save file cheating things.
  10. But how can you file share on PS? Isn't that cheating?
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