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  1. Looking for help with race wins for numero uno, specifically Air, Sea, GTA race and Rally Would pretty much get me all the way towards the trophy Would be willing to exchange wins if needed PSN thomas2400 Edit: just won an air race, still looking for help with the others
  2. I started playing my save PS4 on the PS5 version and the trophies unlocked after a few minutes, then over the next few hours I unlocked several more trophies on PS5 Later I accidentally started up the PS4 version again and all the trophies I had earned on the PS5 version autopopped
  3. Can you or anyone else confirm if transferring a save file from PS4 to PS5 version does allow you to get the completionist trophy on the PS5 Just downloaded the upgrade and don't want to have to start again, I've already got two trophies on the PS4 version that didn't autopop on the PS5 version but they are both early story trophies, it's just the side content I don't want to do again in the first area
  4. Ordered it for day one hopefully arriving in the morning Had a question about PS4 to PS5, I know we are getting the free update in a few months and that PS4 saves won't work on the updated PS5 version (unless I missed news that this was no longer the case) I was wondering though will I be able to start on PS4 today and then continue the same save on PS5 next week since it won't be that updated version
  5. So I have every ending listed in the chapter log and yes I've got both for Madison and yet the trophy hasn't unlocked I must of seen a few of these endings a dozen times now and I don't know how much more I can take my current plan is to just cycle through every single listed epilogue and hope it unlocks, has anyone else had that work? Also when does the trophy actually unlock? Is it during the credits or as soon as a scene finished?
  6. Just started a new playthrough, need someone to help with the co op trophies you can't do alone PSN is thomas2400
  7. Probably a stupid question but I haven't spent much time on a wwe game in years Can you play the story multiple times with the same two created wrestlers, I was planning on starting it now but my sister also wants to see how it plays out, would I need to create new characters to play it again or can you play through it multiple times and keep levelling up the same two characters at the same time Don't really like the idea of having to level 4 wrestlers
  8. I was on the borderlands 3 bugs and glitches reddit thread last night reading about the glitches, from what I've read things are worse on xbox one, some people have had there consoles shutting down if they try to get past the fight with shiv There will be a big patch in the next week or two with a bunch of legendary items or golden keys as an apology that's my guess anyway It just happened again went back to sanctuary after a mission seen a ! mark and it's gone before I could reach it Getting really pissed off now, might just have to try and get a refund this game is starting to look more broken than AC Unity
  9. Not that far into the game done a little over 10 side quests and 5 story quests and so far I've experienced Disappearing side quests (mentioned in a thread I made) that still haven't come back Frame rate issues when entering an area Frame rate when starting up the game Inability to fast travel between areas (seems to be working now) Audio cutting out if I pause the game or enter the menu mid sentence Subtitles not displaying And probably more I'm forgetting Now I not going to defend metacritic user scores but it's possible this time people are justified in their low scores, hell I paid £90 for the super deluxe edition so I'm pretty annoyed at the state of the game myself This game appears to be a patch or 2 for being ready but clearly 2k had a date in mind and they'll (hopefully) have gearbox fix it later
  10. I think the one that hasn't disappeared in those pictures is the only one I've done Them disappearing because you need to be a higher level is possible or they could be tied to story progression either why it's stupid, they could have just left them on the map and made them a different colour
  11. I had an issue last night where if I paused the game or opened the touchpad menu when I closed them any dialogue an npc was saying was cut off immediately and the subtitles where
  12. There have been instances of the ! mark disappearing in my game First time in ascension bluff, I left the area to turn it a side quest in the droughts when I got back all the ! marks where gone Second time was about an hour ago in lectra city, I'm doing a side quest that has taken me here when I arrived there was 4 exclamation marks, I've started 2 but the other 2 have disappeared Anyone else experienced this start to get worried they aren't coming back and this'll effect my chances at the platinum at the very least
  13. Is there anyway to move that icon, not only is it annoying but with certain classes like thaumaturge it's covering part of the duty list
  14. I've managed to do the first two races that video was helpful in showing me places I could save little bits of time They really need to add a retry/restart option though it's annoying having to quit the race, then the grand prix and then game just to reload and try again
  15. What setup are people using for this league? I've tried using all the best mods you get from the QR friendship quest but the drone having such low durability means I keep getting disqualified
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