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  1. I'm at act 4, past where you got the trophy for 300 insanity points, turned everyone green, but still don't have that trophy. Should I be worried?
  2. Self boost with vita doesn't work. I did 30 matches because I wasn't sure if boss characters counted but I think each fight counted as a win and a loss for myself so I got the 20 wins but no 10 streak.
  3. Looking for 5 consecutive ranked wins. I'll grind out the 50 wins on my own later. PSN AkariKamigishi PST time zone (california) Send a message if you can, please.
  4. This was my run: It was the first time I ever saw his second form so I messed up a few times learning his moves but here's my summary. First form: - Dodge into his firecrackers if you're close enough, you can get behind and then hit. If not, back off, he usually does a thrust that you can mikiri, hit a couple times, then he will firecrackers again to make space. - He has a flurry of attacks, but he can cancel in the middle for a swing that you can jump. Block 2-3 hits, then hold block but be ready to jump if the indicator appears. - Shuriken into running slash, just block and back off, I couldn't find a good counter to this reliably. Maybe rolling through him to the left? - Double shuriken into jumping overhead slash, same as Ashina Castle fight, side step and hit. - He has a slow overhead swing similar to Juzou, but he can feint it into 2 other types of hits, no matter if you're close or far. If he continues the swing, dodge around it and hit him, otherwise parry whatever flurry he attacks with. Second form: - Basically the same. When he summons a phoenix, run to the side and jump, when he vanishes, run around a bit. - He generally follows the phoenix with a running thrust that you can mikiri. - This time when he jumps off you, he always throws shuriken, so hold that block.
  5. Queen of Smiles is missable. I killed Sodden Knight, then Mad Alchemist, then Kraeken Cyclops, and now I'm way past her area without ever having seen her.
  6. Is it bad that I find the 200 gougi trophy way more annoying than the 500k training damage? Online is dead and nobody wants to boost, so I struggle to even get 30 ranked matches.
  7. Is there an easier way to cross reference story mode and free mode for the mystic code list? I just got my Artoria to a level where I can do very hard mode, but I don't know how to see exactly how to do, say, flame poem level 3 in free battle mode because it's sorted all differently by boss instead of story arc.
  8. Just a note, Tutorial chapter 4 has 10 sections, not 4. Maybe update that, even though it's not that important? Also, I can't get Independent Study to unlock despite having all other trophies... what the heck. Edit: I redid many trials, many tutorials, spent another hour in training mode with turbo on to see if button pushing was the key, still nothing. Extremely wonky trophy? Edit 2: Ended up eventually getting it by redoing trials, and redoing a Parasoul one unlocked it. I don't know if it tracks by number or what, but that did it for me.
  9. I had about 70 wins with Lili with a 25 or so win streak at best, only 1 special match. Switched to Katarina with 4444 spam and got 2 matches in my first 17 matches (won them all so 17 streak). Glad that's done.
  10. It seems like the voice volume isn't normalized in the Japanese voice dlc. I enjoy the Japanese dialogue, the joke style is very different than what it's subtitled as. However, I just can't get a tv volume setting that lets me actually hear it well! Voices in battle are loud but cutscene dialogue is very low... It's really frustrating
  11. So I started playing the other day, didn't seriously track my Groovitron usage, but when I used it on Nefarious in my first playthrough, the trophy unlocked. I don't know if it's because patch 1.04 made the tentacles or anything missable on Veldin no longer be required, but I obviously didn't have those and I'm pretty sure I was missing the big sharks from Rilgar/Pokitaru in swimming mode (I had out of water mode). So... any thoughts?
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