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    Gaming since 1989 and still love it just as much as day one!
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    Staffordshire, England
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    Gaming,Football,Staying in and being old and boring..
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    Welding trainer

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    Broken sword 5 VITA
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    Broken Sword 5:Episode 1
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    Would like to hit 50 platinums by new year.
    I do have an old account with 78 plats but I wanted to

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    Which region contracts/tasks and competitions count towards the trophies? Is the it the original 3 regions or are all dlc regions needed aswell now? Thanks
  2. I’m giving up with it, I’m still stuck on the last event on the early years if I can’t do that what’s the point in trying the rest of them. I literally don’t have the time to keep restarting these over and over . It’s a joke how hard these are
  3. After a year of trying I’m giving up, I still can’t even compete the last event on the early years challenges. The Sierra ones at New Zealand, sorry but it’s ridiculous
  4. I’m struggling to work out how to efficiently rank up my status with foundation as the last two days I’ve been on the game it’s not letting me do the vital equipment quest for the foundation rep. I thought daily’s reset daily in these kinds of games? I’m completely stumped by this and don’t really know what to do about it. I’ve done the main quest for foundation and reached friendly status but can’t go any further due to not being able to even start the daily ‘vital equipment’ again let alone complete it. Also I cannot find a camera for the Davenport photography quest. I’ve looked in every location listed on the many videos but I’ve found nothing. Been searching forever now and I’m at 88% complete trophy wise. Thanks for any help with this
  5. Sure, I had to just enter the word ‘inversion’ in the search and it appeared. Several attempts at writing the name correctly resulted in errors etc. Hope this helps 👍🏻
  6. I’m completely stuck on oak island building the 10 inversion coaster. I’ve searched for your coaster “oak island inversion challenge” and nothing comes up on the workshop. Thanks for any help with this
  7. Hi guys I’m looking for a worn veil so I can start the mysteries quest line. God knows why but none of the women lying around have got one. Can anyone help me with this, I can help with something in return, thanks so much. My PSN is Moanie_Mahoney85.
  8. If you have a pro do what I did. Take the top off it as the fan is right on top on the pro rather then underneath everything like on the OG. It sucks in tons more air and is so much quieter for a time. Obviously you now have a vastly increased dust problem but all I do is take it outside once a week and blow all the dust out. It has literally halved the volume of my pro. It just doesn’t look great. I’d take that over the jet engine it became anyday You don’t need to be techy to open a console up and clean it out mate . Anyone can do it, just remember which screws go where as your taking it apart. It really is that simple. And get yourself a decent driver set with all the correct bits. And maybe a can of compressed air to blow into the heat sync or wherever the dust build up is.
  9. Not sure really. Did you manage to get them done? I gave up for a while with them as they were winding me up terribly lol
  10. The difficulty spike here is insane. I don’t understand how people are beating the times after “2 or 3 tries” as they put it, it takes me 20-30 tries just to get halfway around the track. Sunday driver was tough but this is next level and I reckon easily the hardest driving game trophy ever?
  11. Hi I’m currently playing this and was wondering the same. As far as I’ve found out you can get either or both it doesn’t matter. So I’m currently doing them all on tornado hoping it works. Is this the case? And crack shot is just getting to 3ft to the pin while in shot regulation,so if it’s a par 4 getting to a 3ft putt in regulation would be your second shot.
  12. I would second this even though I ain’t started it yet.hearing about this major update makes me not want to start it just yet considering what happened when destiny 2 hits its major update.
  13. Just wanted to fire a thanks to the op for this guide. I’d of never of got this platinum without it. Thankyou !
  14. I was wondering if this method will work for me. I only have one Genji glove at the moment,can I potentillay upgrade that Genji then dismantle it to get a trap,then can I build a nirvana using the one trap then dismantle the nirvana to gain 3 traps,then I can potentially keep building nirvanas for one trap and dismantling them for 3 more. Will this work ? Thanks in advance
  15. No problem guys. Can anyone confirm if this still works though I’ve started a new account and I’m thinking of doing it again . Love FS games
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